Water Hardness Levels By Zip Code

Water is described as "hard" when it contains high levels of dissolved minerals - primarily calcium and magnesium. These naturally occurring soluble compounds are present in the Floridan aquifer. Hard water is not a health risk. Calcium and magnesium are both important to human health and are commonly taken as supplements or as antacids.

Ways to Remove Hard Water

Hard water leaves spots on dishes and windows, and a buildup of scale on plumbing fixtures and coffee pots. These can easily be dissolved with white distilled (common household) vinegar:  

  • Use vinegar in your dishwasher as a rinse-agent.
  • Run it through a brewing cycle in your coffee pot then rinse thoroughly.
  • Soak faucets overnight in vinegar to remove corrosion.

Hard Water Classifications

The following classifications are used to measure hardness in water: 

  • Soft: 0 - 17.1 parts per million (ppm) 
  • Slightly hard: 17.1 – 60 ppm 
  • Moderately hard: 60 - 120 ppm 
  • Hard: 120 - 180 ppm 
  • Very hard: 180+ ppm 

Water Hardness in Your Area

The hardness of your water varies depending on which water plant serves the area. It is usually highest in the vicinity of St. Johns Forest and lowest in the Cecil Commerce area. The values listed in the table below are the average of the hardness from each of the wells servicing the plant, and were sampled between October and December of last year. 

The table below shows the hardness of the water by zip code for JEA's service territory.

Zip Code Parts Per Million
Grains per Gallon Classification
32034 284 17 Very Hard
32081 368 20 Very Hard
32082 337 20 Very Hard
32092 338 20 Very Hard
32097 280 16 Very Hard
32202 247 14 Very Hard
32204 247 14 Very Hard
32205 260 15 Very Hard
32206 227 13 Very Hard
32207 253 15 Very Hard
32208 220 13 Very Hard
32209 244 14 Very Hard
32210 209 12 Very Hard
32211 309 18 Very Hard
32216 298 17 Very Hard
32217 270 16 Very Hard
32218 256 15 Very Hard
32219 282 16 Very Hard
32220 267 16 Very Hard
32221 216 13 Hard
32222 156 9 Very Hard
32223 240 14 Very Hard
32224 283 17 Very Hard
32225 304 18 Very Hard
32226 242 14 Very Hard
32233 254 15 Very Hard
32234 180 11 Hard
32244 188 11 Very Hard
32246 301 18 Very Hard
32250 301 18 Very Hard
32254 267 16 Very Hard
32256 334 20 Very Hard
32257 240 14 Very Hard
32258 240 14 Very Hard
32259 310 18 Very Hard
32277 258 15 Very Hard

More Information About Water Hardness

You can treat hard water by adding a water softener for laundry and dish washing, or by installing an ion-exchange system to treat all of your household water. Use of a softener or filter is a personal option and primarily involves aesthetics, not health concerns. Ion exchanges can increase the sodium content of the water, which may pose health concerns for your household. 

Inexpensive home hardness tests may be available from local hardware or home supply store.  If necessary, you can call JEA's Water Quality line at (904) 665-4521 to have your water tested. Results take approximately 2 weeks in most cases.

It is important to note that softening your water does make it slightly more aggressive, meaning it leaches more metals from your pipes. If you have copper pipes with soldered lead joints, more of these metals will end up in your drinking water. Softening your water will not change the cost of your water service. 

Annual Water Quality Report

JEA conducts a comprehensive monitoring program by collecting and analyzing water samples from various locations throughout our treatment area. In a typical year, JEA collects and tests more than 45,000 water samples. The Water Quality Report, published annually by July 1, provides a comprehensive summary of these water quality tests in the most recent sampling periods. The data in the Water Quality Report demonstrate that JEA’s water supply and delivery grids provide an excellent source of high-quality and safe water.

Read the Annual Water Quality Report

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