JEA Ambassadors: Engaging and Educating Our Community

JEA employee Ambassadors spend thousands of hours each year in the community educating our customers about conservation, safety and the various products and services JEA offers to customers; including solutions to help track their usage, pay their bill and how best to communicate with JEA.

JEA employee and girl scout tour

Engage With Our Ambassadors 

To have the JEA Ambassadors participate in your event, please follow one of the links below:

Community Events 

Includes, but not limited to, Bi-Annual Home & Patio Shows, the Southern Women’s Show, the Black Expo, World of Nations, Earth Day, church, school and smaller community events
Community Event Participation Request Form

Speaking Invitations

Churches, schools, civic groups, and home owners associations may request our JEA Ambassadors to speak about energy and water conservation, utility safety, environmental topics and more.
Speaker Request Form

Energy and Water Plant Tours

Several of our energy and water plants are available for tours.
Tour Request Form

Ongoing Ambassador Events

JEA Ambassadors also engage with the community through ongoing partnerships with area non-profits and agencies. These partnerships allow employees to develop a closer relationship with our customers and community.

  • United Way Real Sense and Junior Achievement: Employees offer financial literacy information to adults and youth.  
  • Power Pals: Our Ambassador instructors teach electric and water safety to first and second graders through select elementary school partnerships.

Ambassador Spotlight of the Month

Community Ambassador of the Month

Jonté Williams is an Environmental Scientist Senior at JEA’s Springfield Lab. She has been employed by JEA for five years and has been actively involved in the Ambassador program for four of them.

Jonte’s initial interest in being a part of the Ambassador program came from her core desire to give back to her community. She saw this program as a wonderful way to do this. Reflecting back on her own childhood, Jonté said, “When I was growing up, I don’t recall a time when someone from JEA, especially a woman of color, came to my school to discuss the various career paths available here. I would’ve loved to have had someone take the time to speak to me and my classmates about the different opportunities, so that’s why I do it. I find it extremely rewarding to share my story and be able to interact with the youth and discuss their futures. I feel a sense of pride and purpose whenever I participate in these type of events and always leave feeling invigorated.”

Career fairs that JEA participates in, for middle and high school students, are among her favorite Ambassador activities. One in particular featured a “speed dating-type of mentoring” session, which was a unique, high-energy spin on the typical career fair, where local women shared their stories of professional growth and development with young ladies interested in pursuing jobs in the STEM field. She also enjoys any opportunity to connect with the customers in the community and share information about JEA’s services. As one of JEA’s Environmental Incident Responders, she’s very passionate about educating the public about our commitment to environmental stewardship.

The Ambassador Program means a lot to me,” Jonté says, “because it gives employees a chance to give back to the community we serve. We go into these events as representatives of JEA — but at the end, people generally realize we’re more than that. We are also JEA customers and we truly care about the work we do.”