Facility Tour Request

JEA offers free tours designed to educate our customers about how our various plants operate. To request a JEA facility tour, please complete and submit the form below. Please note: there is a 5 person minimum in order to conduct a JEA facility tour. 

* While we try to accommodate all tour groups to our operating facilities, please understand the facilities have limited access.

Available Tours

Electric Facilities

  • Northside Generating Station: Large base-load plants that burn coal, pet coke, oil, diesel and other items.
    Heckscher Drive and I-295
  • Brandy Branch Generating Station: Combined cycle gas turbine generator facility.
    Beaver Street (US 90), near Baldwin
  • Greenland Energy Center: Single cycle gas turbine generator facility.
    Phillips Highway and I-295

Solar Farms


  • JAX Solar: 12.6 MW solar farm owned by PSEG
    Highway 301
  • NW Jax Solar Partners: 7 MW solar farm owned by AEP OnSite Partners
    Arnold Road
  • Old Plank Road Solar Farm: 3 MW solar farm owned by Southeastern Solar Farm Fund LLC
    Hance Lane
  • Blair Road Solar: 4 MW solar farm owned by Hecate Energy Blair Road LLC
    Blair Road
  • Simmons Road Solar: 2 MW solar farm owned by Inman Solar Holdings 2 LLC
    Simmons Road
  • Starratt Road Solar: 5 MW solar farm owned by C2 Starratt Solar LLC
    Webb Road


Water or Wastewater Facilities

  • Buckman Wastewater Plant
    Talleyrand Avenue
  • Mandarin Wastewater Plant
    Hartley Road near San Jose Boulevard and I-295
  • Arlington East Wastewater Plant
    I-295 and Monument Road
  • Main Street Lab and Water Plant: Attendees can see both a working water plant and our environmental lab.
    First Street and Main Street
  • Ridenour Water Plant: Water plant and central water/sewer control center.
    Kernan Boulevard, north of Atlantic Boulevard

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