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We are always seeking to expand our JEA family. Regardless of your skill set or interests, we’re looking for you. At JEA, you will receive competitive pay, training, a competitive benefits package and several career advancement opportunities.

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Leadership roles at JEA include many types of management positions, including senior leadership and extended leadership roles.

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Customer CARE

Customer roles allow you to either directly or indirectly interact with our customers. JEA’s customer group spans across many areas, including analytics, billing, communications, meter services and more.

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Professional roles are found in JEA’s finance, accounting and human resource departments.

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Engineering roles allow you to design, manufacture or maintain products and materials here at JEA.

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Field Operations

In field operations, you will help diagnose and/or solve technical issues found in the field.

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A role in our safety department will require you to facilitate and ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) and JEA’s safety guidelines.

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With a tech-related role, you will be help build and maintain the computer systems and networks that support JEA and its operations.

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A role in JEA’s environmental department will put you on a team that ensures JEA’s long and short term commitment to the environment.

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As a JEA intern, you will gain hands-on experience in your chosen field. See what’s available!

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