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Employee Volunteering

Caring for Our Community and Neighbors

HabiJax VolunteeringJEA employees are our strongest connection to the communities we service and are committed to making a difference through volunteerism.

Our employees volunteer throughout the year with various organizations to help improve the quality of life for our customers. JEA employees volunteer thousands of hours to help build homes, clean-up along the river, serve meals to those in need, even read stories to children.

Spotlighting Our Employee Volunteers

Tina, Environmental Scientist

Employee Volunteer of the MonthAs an environmental scientist most JEA customers never see Tina at work, but they certainly enjoy the fruits of her labor. 

Tina works in Industrial Pretreatment. She monitors large industrial companies that discharge industrial wastewater into JEA’s sanitary sewer system.  If these companies aren’t careful, that waste could include chemicals that would harm JEA’s wastewater treatment plants and be passed through to the St. Johns River, causing further harm to the river and what’s in it.

Because of her work, Tina has come to treasure the St. Johns River. Every year she participates in the River City Clean Up and Celebration, picking up bags of trash along the banks of the St. Johns River. Sometimes she finds this volunteer work “heartbreaking.”

“One year we were assigned to Joe Carlucci Sisters Creek Park and Boat Ramp,” Tina said. “And I was just like, ‘Really, people?  You can’t pick up your beer bottles and trash then put them in the can that’s right over here?’”

Tina and her husband also spend time each week at Jacksonville’s Animal Care and Protective Services.  “I often clean dog toys and stuff them with goodies. Then I freeze them for the dogs to play with later, this gives dogs something to occupy their minds when other volunteers can’t get by to take them out,” Tina said.

In the end Tina says volunteering is all about giving back to the things that make Jacksonville home for her: the river, animals and her community.