JEA's sewer collection system handles more than 80 million gallons of wastewater every day. Our waste collection and treatment system consists of more than 3,900 miles of collection lines, over 1,300 pumping stations and eleven wastewater treatment plants. Removing wastewater from your home, your business and our community is serious business. It’s a crucial service we’ve provided our customers since 1997, when we assumed responsibility for the city’s water and sewer service.

Team of JEA water and wastewater workers

Our Wastewater Facilities

  • Buckman Wastewater Treatment Facility: Our largest regional sewer plant with advanced nutrient removal.
  • District II Wastewater Treatment Facility: A regional sewer plant that treats wastewater for reclaimed water. The reclaimed water from this plant is used at JEA’s Northside Generating Station and is also available to commercial reuse customers.
  • Southwest Wastewater Treatment Facility: A regional sewer plant that provides advanced nutrient removal.
  • Arlington East Wastewater Treatment Facility and Mandarin Wastewater Treatment Facility: Regional sewer plants that reclaim treated wastewater for irrigation usage by commercial and residential customers in both Duval and St. Johns Counties. Several golf courses utilize reclaimed water produced at these facilities. Both facilities have also been upgraded to provide advanced nutrient removal.
  • Our smaller sewer plants include:
    • Julington Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility
    • Blacks Ford Wastewater Treatment Facility
    • Nassau Wastewater Treatment Facility
    • Ponte Vedra Wastewater Treatment Facility
    • Ponce de Leon Wastewater Treatment Facility
    • Monterey Wastewater Treatment Facility 

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