Please review our Procurement process below: 

  • Bid Submissions: Bids/Responses are to only be delivered electronically via the Zycus software system link provided. Instructions to register as a new user in Zycus or login as an existing user of Zycus are located at OR
  • Pre-Bid Meetings: Pre-bid meetings will be held via conference call or WebEx. Any updates to current solicitations along with solicitation addendums will be posted in the Zycus event link. (Note, we are no longer posting addenda on Only the Zycus link will contain addenda)
  • Bid Openings: JEA will offering only virtual participation in Bid openings via Webex. We have included instructions on how to access the Webex meetings below, under Upcoming Important Dates.
  • Solicitations: For any current solicitations, please frequently visit our Zycus portal at OR Formal Opportunities and Informal Opportunities pages to see a summary of opportunities including a Zycus event link. Please contact your respective JEA Buyer for any questions or updates to existing solicitations.
  • Supplier Meetings: Supplier meetings will be held via conference call or WebEx. If an in person meeting is considered, the information will be included in the supplier invitation and mutually agreed upon. 
  • Awards: Awards meetings will be held in person in the JEA Customer Center, Hydrangea Room - 1st Floor, as well as remotely via WebEx. Please visit the Awards Meeting page to view any updates related to the Awards meetings.

Procurement Staff by Categories:

Electric & Compliance
Kenny R. Pearson, Portfolio Manager,
Marcie L. Manganelli, Category Management Specialist,
Eppie E. Green, Category Management Specialist,
Jason Behr, Purchasing Agent, Senior,
Lynn Rix, Purchasing Agent, Senior,
Victoria Holloway, Purchasing Agent,
Camberlee Evers, Purchasing Assistant,
Terry Vicknair, Purchasing Assistant,

Water/Wastewater and Environmental Services
Joe Perez, Portfolio Manager,
Dan Kruck, Category Management Specialist,
Karey Baker, Category Management Specialist,
Marline V. McDonald, Purchasing Agent, Senior,
Darriel Brown, Purchasing Agent, Senior,
David King, Purchasing Agent,
Sarah Masters, Purchasing Assistant,

Information Technologies and Customer Service
Nathan Woyak, Portfolio Manager,
Nick Dambrose, Category Management Specialist,
Angel D. Iosua, Purchasing Agent, Senior,
Brooke Garland, Purchasing Agent,
Aileen Cruz, Purchasing Assistant,

Professional Services (Finance, Employee Services, Facilities, Real Estate, Government Relations, Audit Services)
Chrissy Nunziato, Portfolio Manager,
Eddie Bayouth, Category Management Specialist,
Elaine Selders, Purchasing Agent, Senior,
Halley Stewart, Purchasing Agent, Senior,
Eugene Brown, Purchasing Agent,
Danielle Crawford, Purchasing Agent,
Sarah Millsap, Purchasing Assistant,

Procurement Services:
Supplier Diversity, Supplier Onboarding, Oracle iSupplier Portal & Zycus iSupplier Portal
Bill Hickey, Manager Jacksonville Small Emerging Business Program & Procurement Performance, or or 
Rachelle Mead, Procurement Vendor Specialist, or

Procurement Contract Administration
Manager Procurement Contract Administration, Heather Beard,
Formal Contracts: Terri Sexton, Contracts Associate,
Contract Amendments: Jessica Talley, Contracts Assistant,

Business Opportunities with JEA

JEA's needs are quite diverse and whenever possible we like to keep business opportunities within the communities we serve. The commodities range in scope from the purchase of office supplies to the most complicated utility construction jobs and acquisition of large equipment, to the purchase of fuels. Each Buyer is proficient in the commodities they are assigned and have extensive training in the technical aspects of the goods and services they buy.

Formal Procurement Opportunities
Formal solicitations include procurement purchases of goods or services estimated to cost more than $300,000. 

Informal Procurement Opportunities
Informal solicitations include procurement purchases of goods or services estimated to cost between $50,000 and $300,000. 

Requests for Information
Informational requests determine interest in providing goods or services to JEA prior to a solicitation being created. It is JEA’s sole discretion whether a solicitation will be issued for these items.

Bid Openings and Results
JEA is always looking to improve our facilities to ensure we meet the needs of our customers. View current bids and results.

Award Meetings, Agendas and Minutes
Awards Meetings will be held in person in the JEA Customer Center, Hydrangea Room - 1st Floor, as well as remotely via WebEx.  Visit our Awards Meetings, Minutes and Agendas page to learn more.

Look Up an Invoice
Look up the status of an invoice.

Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business Program
JEA is an active participant in the City of Jacksonville's Small and Emerging Business (JSEB) program.

Become a Vendor
Procurement Services has a process to manage unsolicited contacts with vendors who wish to do business with JEA.  

Procurement News

Information relevant to Procurement may be a public notice or an invitation to participate in opportunities available at JEA. 

Upcoming Important Dates

View upcoming JSEB and Potential New Vendor Workshop times and locations

1411645246 Public Meeting Notice

How We Buy

The procurement of goods and services by JEA is governed by the JEA Procurement Code, which was developed to ensure that all bidders have an equal and fair opportunity to participate in the bid process.

For Administrative Remedies (per Article 4 of the JEA Procurement Code), contact JEA's Chief Procurement Officer: Jenny McCollum -

The Operational Procedures are intended to set forth guidelines for JEA Procurement and other JEA personnel. 

Certain Supplies and Services need not be procured by the Chief Procurement Officer. In these cases, the Chief Executive Officer shall approve both the Procurement Directives governing the Procurement, and shall designate the Procurement Officer responsible for a specific area of Procurement.

Archive Operational Procedures

Archive Procurement Code

The Standards: establish approved materials, design standards, and other useful information for contractors, consultants, developers and engineers working with JEA:

JEA Energy Standards

JEA Water/Wastewater Standards

JEA Facilities Standards 

JEA IT Standards - Business Application Report

JEA IT Standards - Core Technologies Report

Annual Reports

Archived Annual Reports

Contact the Bid Office

Ethics Policy

At JEA we value strong ethics. JEA will conduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The JEA Ethics Program applies to all employees of JEA. Integrity must underlie all company relationships, including those with customers, suppliers, communities and other employees.

Gift Message for Vendors 

While all of us at JEA appreciate the good intentions with which gifts are given, we must be sensitive to the positions of special trust and responsibility we hold given the nature of our business.

Due to our ongoing obligation to our stakeholders, the giving and acceptance of gifts may lead to the appearance of impropriety. In light of this, JEA’s corporate Ethics Policy and the City of Jacksonville (COJ) Ethics Ordinance prohibit employees from accepting gifts valued over $100 from vendors, and accumulated gifts from the same vendor must not exceed $250 per calendar year.

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