JEA’s Board Approves Customer Fuel Credit


Jacksonville, FL - Today at the regular monthly meeting, the JEA Board of Directors unanimously approved a recommendation to refund approximately $50 million of its fuel reserve to customers by providing a fuel charge credit on bills in April. 

This credit for the average residential customer will be $45 (800 kWh). All customers who have an active account in April will receive the credit—residential and commercial. For customers using 1,000 kilowatt-hours per month, the credit will be about $56.

JEA's Pricing Policy contains the guiding financial parameters that JEA utilizes to develop budget and ratemaking decisions. The Fuel Charge is a line item on customers' bills. The pricing policy states that the Fuel Charge Fund's target is 15 percent of maximum cost. Presently, the fund is at 19 percent allowing for the customer rebate.


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