JEA Encourages Customers to Slay Vampire Load


Jacksonville, FL - TVs, DVRs, computers and game systems make up about 15% of household energy use and is growing in part due to stand-by load, also called vampire or phantom load. This occurs when electronic devices continue to use energy even after we think we have turned them off. 

To help save on electric consumption, JEA recommends customers plug electronics into a power strip. The power strip offers push button convenience and the advantage of knowing that the device is no longer consuming electricity. Power strips are also available that turn off game consoles and DVD players when the TV is turned off. 

JEA also recommends looking for the ENERGY STAR label when buying electronics. ENERGY STAR qualified electronic products offer the same features and technologies as non-qualified products, but they use less energy.

While energy consumption for heating and cooling, water heating and lighting have steadily gone down over the years, consumption for electronics has grown as a portion of the average family’s whole-home energy use. One day it may become the biggest energy user in homes.

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