JEA in the Top 10 Utility Solar Rankings


Jacksonville, FL - JEA recently ranked in the top ten of solar watts per customer by the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA). JEA was recognized in the Solar Electric Power Association report, as being ranked #7 in the top 10 for “2010 Annual Solar Watts-per-Customer” and was ranked second in the nation for annual municipal utility solar megawatt capacity. This ranking was largely attributed to PSEG’s 2010 installation of the Jacksonville Solar facility from which JEA receives the solar energy. This facility consists of 200,000 ground mounted solar panels situated on 100 acres in Jacksonville, Florida. 

In addition to the solar facility, JEA offers incentives to customers who install solar water heating systems and a Net Metering Program for customers who choose to add renewable generation to homes or businesses. Customers with their own renewable generation offset a portion of their electricity they would have purchased from JEA. 

JEA is the largest not-for-profit, community-owned electric utility in Florida and the eighth largest in the United States, providing electric, water and sewer service to accounts in northeast Florida. 


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