Don't Lose Your Cool in the Summer


Jacksonville, FL - As temperatures rise so can your utility bill. Energy bills are dependent on weather because cooling systems run longer during hotter times of the year, even if the thermostat is set at a fixed temperature. In fact, cooling your house in the summer makes up almost 50 percent of the electric portion of your utility bill. JEA recommends that you follow these tips to save on your utility bill.>

  • Set the thermostat at 78 - 80 degrees in the summer - higher when you are not home. A five degree shift can save you 6 - 8 percent per degree in the summer. 
  • Use insulated drapes, blinds, or shades on your windows. Efficient use of window shading can save you up to 12 percent on the cooling portion of your utility in the summer.
  • Use the thermostat "auto" setting instead of the "on" setting for your air handler.
  • Use ceiling or box fans in occupied rooms in the summer to make it feel 3 a 5 degrees cooler. Because this will make you feel cooler, you can raise your air conditioning thermostat setting, which saves you more money than the cost of running fans. Remember fans cool people not rooms.
  • Change or clean air filters monthly.
  • Seal leaks in the cooling ducts. Don't forget the leaks around the air handler unit. Sealing leaks in ductwork can save you 1 - 30 percent on the cooling portion of your utility bill, based upon the size of the leak. 
  • Weather strip doors and windows. Repair or replace broken or cracked windows. Weather stripping windows and doors can save you up to 8 percent on the cooling portion of your utility bill.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. Using a programmable thermostat can save 5 - 15 percent on the cooling portion of your utility bill. 
  • Take advantage of JEA’s rebate program, ShopSmart. ShopSmart offers a wide range of rebate programs to save you money on those home energy upgrades. 

JEA is the eighth largest community-owned electric utility in the United States, providing electric, water and sewer service to accounts in northeast Florida. 


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