Attic Insulation Rebates


Program Overview

Leaks due to improper insulation could be a significant source of energy waste and costs for your home. JEA offers rebates of $0.20 per square foot on new insulation to help with the upfront costs of improving your home’s energy efficiency.*

Updating your insulation can not only help you save up to 10 percent on your energy bill, but also improve overall comfort. ** 

Work with a pre-qualified contractor to make the switch today and start saving.

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Look for the ENERGY STAR label to find qualified products.

Program Details

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Closed Title: What rebates are available?
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  • $0.20 per square foot, up to $200, for insulation.
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Closed Title: What are the eligibility requirements?
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  • Be a JEA residential electric customer.
  • The rebate maximum will cover the first 1,000 square feet of installation installed to achieve R-38.
  • The attic floor must have less than 5" (or R-15) of existing insulation.
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Closed Title: How do I receive a rebate?
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  1. Select a pre-qualified contractor. 
  2. Contractor completes the attic insulation project. 
  3. Rebate is applied to the contractor invoice, reducing your total project cost. 


*The maximum rebate amount is $200.
** Source: ENERGY STAR: Seal and Insulate with ENERGY STAR | ENERGY STAR. Date Sourced: 04/12/2022. 

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