Water Facilities

All JEA customers within Duval County are located within either our Major Grid or our small hydraulically independent Mayport system. The Major Grid is comprised of 28 water treatment plants (WTPs) and 5 storage and repump facilities that are fully interconnected; it is also supported by over 120 active wells and 70 million gallons of storage. Overall, JEA's WTPs provide water to our customers through a water distribution system consisting of more than 4,600 miles of water distribution mains ranging from 2 inches to 36 inches in diameter. 

Our Nassau customers are provided water by the Lofton Oaks Grid consisting of 8 wells and 2.24 million gallons of storage. Customers within St. Johns County are provided water by the Ponte Vedra Grid, the Ponce de Leon Grid and the Palm Valley water system (through an interconnection with the St. Johns County Utility Department). JEA owns and operates the Palm Valley distribution system.

Major Grid (Duval and St. Johns Counties)

Arlington Julington Creek Plantation Oakridge
Beacon Hills Lakeshore Ridenour
Brierwood Lovegrove Royal Lakes
Cecil Commerce Center Main Street Southeast
Community Hall Marietta Southwest
Deerwood III McDuff St. Johns Forest
Fairfax Monument Road St. Johns North
Greenland Northeast Westlake
Hendricks Norwood Woodmere

Independent Plant

  • Mayport

Lofton Oaks Grid (Nassau County)

  • Lofton Oaks  
  • Nassau Regional 
  • Otter Run
  • West Nassau 

Ponce de Leon Grid (St. Johns County)

  • A1A North 
  • A1A South 
  • Ponce de Leon

Ponte Vedra Grid (St. Johns County)

  • Corona Road 
  • Ponte Vedra North

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