Benefits of Public Utilities

As your not-for-profit, community-based utility, JEA is committed to providing you the most reliable service at the lowest possible cost in an environmentally friendly way. We do what’s best for this community, and this community alone, because this is our home, too.

JEA Team Members Serving You
JEA provides essential utility services to families like yours across Northeast Florida.

What’s the value of being community-based?

  • Not-for-profit. The only reason we exist is to provide our services to this community – not to make profits for shareholders. We actively manage our energy costs to keep them as low as possible. And, as a not-for-profit, you pay only what we pay to serve you.
  • Focused on service. As an essential service, electricity and water must be reliably produced and delivered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are focused on providing safe, reliable energy and water services for every one of our customers.
  • Supporting our customers. We offer money-saving rebates to help keep your costs down, and we have programs and partnerships in place to assist customers when they need it.  
  • Investing in our community. We invest in our people and infrastructure to deliver reliable, sustainable services. That includes a commitment to build and maintain a resilient utility infrastructure that can withstand hurricanes and other threats, and serve the public good for decades to come.
  • Dedicated to our community. Service is at the heart of our culture, so we proudly give back to the community we call home. Our employees volunteer thousands of hours each year in support of local organizations that directly help the residents of Northeast Florida.

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