Look Up an Invoice

If you are a JEA vendor and like to look up the payment status of an outstanding invoice, please enter a purchase order number or invoice number below.

If you are a JEA vendor and would like to look up the payment status of an outstanding invoice, please enter the purchase order number or invoice number below.

Doing Business with JEA

Doing business with JEA is simple if you know the correct rules and procedures to ensure timely payment. Accounts Payable is here to help our suppliers understand our procedures which are dictated by Jacksonville City Ordinance and Florida Statutes. Please read through the information below to learn what is required to ensure your invoice is processed efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the status of an invoice?

You may check on the status of your invoices by entering the applicable purchase order or invoice number exactly as is shown on your invoice and select the appropriate type of search. Then select “Search” to retrieve your results.

No purchase order number?

Contact the individual who ordered the service or material. Accounts Payable is unable to process an invoice for payment without a purchase order.

You will be provided a list of invoices that we have received and processed against the purchase order or invoice number you entered. This list will provide you with the following information: 

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Vendor Name
  • Date Invoice Received
  • Scheduled Payment Date
  • Invoice Amount
  • Approval Status
  • Payment Status
  • Payment Number
    • No payment has been made if Payment Number is blank

In order to obtain results when entering a purchase order number, the following conditions must be met:

  • The invoice must be associated with a purchase order.
  • The invoice must have been received by JEA Accounts Payable.
  • The invoice must have been entered into Oracle and “matched” (linked) to a purchase order. Some invoices are entered into Oracle but not directly linked to a purchase order for various reasons – the correct amount of charges to be place against what lines are unknown; there are insufficient funds in the purchase order to cover the invoice; the invoice has been rejected, etc.

Where and how should invoices be submitted?

Please submit invoices electronically to acctpaycustsrv@jea.com.

All invoices must be received by the JEA Accounts Payable department to constitute official receipt. Invoices directed to any other area within JEA may delay payment.

In what format should invoices be submitted?

Invoices are required to be submitted electronically to the address shown above. FAX copies are not acceptable. We do not pull invoices from web sites.

What information must be included on the invoice?

  • Purchase order number. City of Jacksonville Ordinance stipulates that a supplier who provides services or supplies without a fully executed and funded purchase order does so at its own risk. The ordinance further stipulates that the dollar value of the purchase order cannot be exceeded.
    • Remit address
    • Unique invoice number. Repeated invoice numbers cannot be accepted and will be return to the submitting supplier
      • Name of supplier/contractor. Must match name on purchase order (this is critical in order to ensure payment to the correct supplier/contractor
        • Description of services/goods being invoiced
        • Time period of service (if invoicing for service)
        • Units and unit prices must match those on purchase order

        How is the scheduled payment date calculated by JEA?

        • JEA  is a governmental agency operating under the laws of the State of Florida. Florida’s Prompt Payment Act governs the calculation of the due date for payment.
        • The scheduled due date for payment is calculated from the date the invoice is received by JEA’s Accounts Payable Department. The invoice date does not enter into this calculation. 
        • Standard payment terms are NET 30 from the date the invoice is received by the Accounts Payable Department. JEA does offer terms of 1% 14 NET 30. If interested in these terms please let us know.

        How will we make payments?

        Paper check

        • JEA’s default payment method.
        • Issued on the date the payment is due.
        • Mailed to the remit to address indicated on the invoice at the end of the same business day.

        EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)/ACH (Automated Clearing House)

        • This is JEA’s preferred method of payment.
        • Direct deposit to the supplier’s bank account.
        • Processed the last business day prior to the due date.
        • Funds are available to the supplier the next day (usually the due date).

        What if I can’t find what I’m looking for, have a question about the status of an invoice or need to contact Accounts Payable?

        Contact Us

        Should the invoice you are inquiring about not show a payment date and check number by the scheduled due date or you are unable to find the invoice number, please do not hesitate to call us.

        Via email:
        By phone:
        (904) 665-6460
        JEA Accounts Payable
        PO Box 4910
        Jacksonville, FL 32201