Advanced Technology Meters

You may have received a letter or door hanger from JEA letting you know we replaced your electric meter with a more technologically advanced version, or “smart meter.” These new meters are the first step in helping us modernize the electric grid while giving customers more control over their electric usage than ever before.

How Advanced Meters Work

Advanced meters connect your home to the electric grid with two-way communication, recording usage data and sending it to JEA over a secure wireless network. These communications not only alert JEA when you have a power outage but also allow you to monitor your usage online. While some advanced meters communicate over electric power lines, many communicate using radio frequency (RF) – similar to those used by WiFi and laptop computers.

Advanced meter radios are idle 99 percent of the time, and during the few minutes each day they are in operation, they produce far lower levels of RF emissions than other common household items, including microwaves, laptops and cellphones.

Advanced Meter Benefits

  • Enhance reliability by detecting power outages sooner, so JEA can restore service faster.
  • Enable you to monitor your electricity usage on an hourly basis, helping you control your usage to save money.
  • Increase convenience, because meters are read remotely without a technician coming onto your property.
  • Offer quicker connection and disconnection service (performed remotely).
  • Reduce costs and emissions, because service trucks don’t need to come to your home.
  • Keep rates down by helping customers monitor and decrease their electricity usage, reducing the need for JEA to build new power plants.

Monitoring Your Usage

If you have an advanced meter, you can see exactly how much electricity you use each hour. My JEA Utility Tracker provides detailed information about your home’s electricity and water usage and suggests steps you can take to use less so you can lower your bill.

Privacy and Security

At JEA, the privacy and security of our customers is of paramount concern to us. We protect your information on a secure wireless network that features additional security controls to guard against unauthorized access of private information. JEA will never sell your information or email address to a third party.
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