JEA Announces Next Phase of SJRPP Demolition and Implosion Plan


(Jacksonville, FL) March 27, 2019 – JEA is set to take the next step in permanently decommissioning the St. Johns River Power Park (SJRPP), with the implosion of its Selective Catalytic Reactors (SCRs) – large structures located on the backside of the retired plants boilers. 

The implosion will take place at the former SJRPP site, 11201 New Berlin Road on Friday, April 12, 2019 at 8:00 a.m.

No road closures will be required, however nearby residents and commuters may hear loud noises associated with the implosion. There will be no public viewing area established for this construction activity.

The City of Jacksonville Emergency Planning Department has coordinated all appropriate departments, including the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office (JSO) and Jacksonville Fire and Rescue (FJRD) and will establish an onsite command post. The implosion will again be directed by Total Wrecking & Environmental, LLC, the company that managed the implosion of the SJRPP cooling towers in 2018.  

Should inclement weather, or other factors prevent implosion on April 12, Total Wrecking has selected Friday, April 19 as the alternate date. In that case, additional advisories will be sent to the media and surrounding community. 

Although there are no anticipated problems associated with this construction implosion, JEA urges everyone in the area to travel safely.

Community questions or concerns regarding this activity may be directed to the JEA Project Outreach team at (904) 665-7500 or

About JEA: JEA is the largest municipal electric utility in Florida and one of the largest water and sewer utilities in the nation providing electric, water and sewer service to residents and businesses in northeast Florida.

About Total Wrecking, LLC: Total Wrecking & Environmental, LLC, is a fourth-generation demolition and environmental remediation contractor serving clients nationwide. Total Wrecking has an extensive track record of providing safe, cost-effective solutions for a broad range of demolition projects and industries. 

About SJRPP: During its operations, SJRPP was a 1,264 MW coal fired electric generating plant jointly owned by JEA and Florida Power & Light Company (FPL). The construction of SJRPP in the early 1980s represented the largest construction project in the city of Jacksonville. The plant began operations in 1987 and was closed in early 2018.


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