JEA Releases 2013 Water Quality Report


Jacksonville, FL - JEA has released its 2013 Water Quality Report.  JEA delivers more than 110 million gallons of water each day to our customers. We regularly test the water we send to customers to ensure its safety, as outlined by federal and state regulatory agencies. Our state-of-the-art technology monitors our water supply grid to bring fresh, clean water to our customers’ homes.

The JEA drinking water system consists of wells, water treatment plants, the distribution grid of pipelines, and finally the customers’ meters. We operate approximately 135 artesian wells that withdraw water from the Floridan aquifer, about 1,000 feet below land surface. The fresh, clean water is pumped from the well fields to one of 36 water treatment plants, where it then flows through an aerator to remove the sulfur (rotten egg) odor. The water leaves the reservoirs and is disinfected with chlorine per health regulations before it enters over 4,200 miles of water lines for distribution to our customers.

The Water Quality Report, also called a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), is an EPA-required document compiled annually by JEA. JEA provides an annual Water Quality Report to all of our customers in June and this publication presents the results of our water quality testing. 

Free copies are also available at all branches of the Jacksonville Public Library and at JEA’s Downtown Customer Care Center.

JEA is the seventh-largest community-owned electric utility in the United States and one of the largest water and sewer utilities in the nation providing electric, water and sewer service to residents and businesses in northeast Florida. JEA maintains more than 729 miles of transmission lines and 6,547 miles of distribution lines in its electric system. On the water and sewer side, JEA has 4,208 miles of water lines and 3,708 miles of collection lines.


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