New JEA Board Leadership Stresses Customer Focus


Jacksonville, FL - “Our promise to you is that the Board, the new senior leadership of JEA and our entire employee base of 2,000 employees are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience and to continuing our journey of bringing greater value to our customers,” said Mike Hightower in his opening remarks at the JEA Board meeting today. 

At their March 19th meeting, the JEA Board of Directors announced and approved the 2013 Board of Director officers. They are: Mike Hightower, Chair; Cynthia Austin, Vice Chair; and Helen Albee, Secretary. 

Newly elected Chair Hightower spoke about JEA’s emphasis on “...working harder than ever to identify the various needs of our customers so that we can find opportunities to better serve and continually add value for our customers.” He also said that JEA “...will be proactive in finding ways we can bring our expertise to partner with our customers.”

He was also quick to tell customers, “We need your feedback and we want to hear from you.”

The JEA board of directors consists of seven volunteer members who are appointed by the mayor and approved by the City Council. Currently serving on the board, in addition to the officers, are Peter Bower, Lisa Strange Weatherby, Ron Townsend and Wyman Winbush.

JEA is the seventh-largest community-owned electric utility in the United States and one of the largest water and sewer utilities in the nation providing electric, water and sewer service to residents and businesses in northeast Florida. 


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