JEA at the MOSH

It’s no coincidence that three of the most popular exhibits at Jacksonville’s Museum of Science & History (MOSH) have JEA in their title! JEA employs many engineers and biologists and we are proud to contribute to the STEM education of our city’s young scientists.  

JEA Power Play: Understanding Our Energy Choices

An interactive exhibit for the entire family. It’s a fun way to learn what it takes to power a fictional city called "Moshtopia." Kids can crank their own electricity with a hand-operated generator and see just how much power is needed to electrify a video game or even a laptop. 

JEA Power Play exhibit at MOSH

Extreme Science! at the JEA Science Theater

A live show will “shock” you with its “hair-raising” and “explosive” science experiments (Hint hint!) Show times vary so be sure and check the MOSH's schedule.

So grab the kids and head to MOSH for a fun-filled day of learning! 

JEA HydroLogic

This new outdoor exhibit explores planting and irrigation practices to create hearty, sustainable, water efficient landscapes. Nine principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping are explained and demonstrated at the exhibit, as well as additional practices like bioswales and butterfly gardens. The exhibit also includes a beautiful new mural on the west side of the museum building. MOSH hopes it will inspire the joy of lifelong learning by bringing science and regional history to life.

Empowering Our Community

At JEA, community and service go hand in hand. Our employees volunteer their time and serve in several organizations throughout Jacksonville.

Learn how JEA is engaging with our community