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It pays to be a JEA employee, and not just because we offer a competitive salary. JEA rewards your time, talent and commitment with pay, benefits, retirement programs, healthcare coverage and more. 

JEA Benefits at a Glance

JEA understands your benefits are important to you and your family. Helping you understand the benefits available to you is essential. Below you will find links to learn about our company’s benefit programs, premiums and contact information for our benefit carriers.

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Health and Well-Being Benefits

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Closed Title:Medical - Florida Blue
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JEA offers three comprehensive medical plans designed to help you and your family achieve and maintain good health and well-being.

Learn more about your medical benefit (

Medical insurance premiums per paycheck
Coverage Level PPO HMO with HRA HDHP with HSA
Employee Only $47.27 $28.72 $0
Employee + Spouse $292.91 $232.29 $162.30
Employee + Child(ren) $248.37 $195.38 $132.89
Employee + Family $486.62 $393.42 $290.31
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Closed Title:Dental - United Concordia (PPO) and Solstice (DHMO)
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JEA offers you and your eligible dependents comprehensive dental coverage through United Concordia (PPO) and Solstice (DHMO).

Learn more about your dental benefit (Video Presentation)

 Dental insurance premiums per paycheck
Coverage Level DHMO Low PPO High PPO
Employee Only $6.03 $13.32 $19.86
Employee + Spouse $10.56 $22.11 $32.98
Employee + Child(ren) $13.07 $24.80 $37.00
Employee + Family $16.59 $38.76 $57.81
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Closed Title:Vision - EyeMed
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JEA offers you and your eligible dependents comprehensive vision coverage through United Concordia (PPO) and Solstice (DHMO).

Learn more about your vision benefit (Video Presentation)

 Vision insurance premiums per paycheck
Coverage Level Vision Plan
Employee Only $2.10
Employee + One $4.21
Employee + 2+ $6.76
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Closed Title:Wellness Program and Fitness Centers
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JEA Wellness Program

JEA encourages employees to lead healthy lifestyles with our comprehensive wellness program. With today's technologies, we offer a variety of wellness opportunities like annual biometric screenings with health risk assessments, access to health coaches, wellness challenges, periodic access to an on-site mobile mammography unit and onsite flu shots.

Biometric Screening Credit
JEA is teaming up with HealthCheck360 to provide the tools, motivation and support to assist you along your journey to a healthier you. Biometric screening events will begin in August and will continue through October, offering you the opportunity to get a more in-depth look at your overall health and wellness. Click here for the location schedule. Schedule your appointment today by logging in to your myHeathCheck360 account. 

In addition, you can have the chance to receive an annual wellness credit up to $600 ($25 per pay period up to 24 per year) beginning January 1, 2023, when participating fully by December 9th, 2022. 

  • Complete a biometric screening
  • Take the short and easy health survey
  • Score 75 or improve 5+ or complete a HealthCheck360 Coaching program if you do not meet the health outcome
  • Compliance with Condition Management

NEW THIS YEAR: We are pleased to announce that JEA spouses now can complete a biometric screening and have the chance to earn an annual wellness credit up to $480 per year beginning January 1, 2023.

For spouses’ to register, simply download the Healthcheck360 app, create an account  (use the last four digits of your spouse’s SSN as the unique identifier) and schedule screening date and time. Spouses have the option to receive their biometric screening at one of the surrounding LabCorp locations. See the following step-by-step process for spouses to participate in the JEA biometric screening.

On-Site Wellness Centers

Additionally employees have access to on-site wellness centers. The cost to participate in the JEA Wellness Centers is $7.50 per pay period. Wellness Centers are located at the following JEA facilities:

  • Downtown
  • Southside Generating Station
  • Northside Generating Station
  • Westside Service Center 
  • Brandy Branch Generating Station
  • Pearl Street Service Center
  • Ridenour Water Treatment Plant
  • Buckman Wastewater Treatment Center
  • System Operations Control Center

For questions regarding our Wellness Centers, contact our Health Fitness Program Manager:


HIPAA Authorization of Release of Health Information - JEA Benefit Services

As part of our services to employees, JEA Benefit Services can release your health information to a designated person or organization on your behalf. By doing so, your spouse, parent, child, or loved one can find answers to their specific questions concerning your benefits. If you would like to grant a person or organization access to this information, please download the form, print, sign and email a copy to

Download Authorization of Release of Health Information Form (PDF)

Supplemental Benefits

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Closed Title:Employee Assistance
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JEA recognizes that reaching out and asking for help can be difficult, so the company tries to make it as easy as possible. The Employee Assistance Program offers services for you and your family. A confidential hotline is available 24/7 so you can access the services you need, such as counseling, legal consultations, financial guidance and more.

Contact Health Advocate

(877) 240-6863

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Closed Title:Life, Disability and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance - The Standard
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Just like you insure your car or home, you can get insurance that protects your income.  If you become too sick or injured to work, disability insurance can help replace part of your paycheck.  Medical insurance pays your doctor — disability insurance pays you.  

Learn more about income protection plans

Life and AD&D Insurance

JEA provides a basic life insurance to all employees upon hire.   Employees may elect additional coverage for themselves, their spouses and/or their children for life and accidental death and dismemberment plan (AD&D) to all employees.

Short- and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Preparing for income replacement is an important part of a comprehensive benefit program, in the event you become ill or injured outside the workplace. Employees may elect comprehensive plans for both long and short term disability insurance.

Life, AD&D, Short-Term Disability Insurance premiums per paycheck
Benefit Your Rate
Voluntary Life: Employee $0.238 per $1,000
Voluntary Life: Spouse $0.1895 per $1,000
Voluntary Life: Child(ren) $0.1165 per $1,000
Voluntary AD&D: Employee $0.032 per $1,000
Voluntary AD&D: Employee + Family $0.048 per $1,000
Short-Term: Option One $0.23 per $10 weekly benefit
Short-Term: Option Two $0.20 per $10 weekly benefit
Long-Term Disability Insurance premiums per paycheck
Age Your Rate*
17 – 24 $0.057
25 – 29 $0.065
30 – 34 $0.102
35 – 39 $0.151
40 - 44 $0.234
45 – 49 $0.371
50 – 54 $0.555
55 – 59 $0.674
60 + $0.698

*Your rate is per $100 of monthly covered payroll

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Closed Title:Legal Assistance - U.S. Legal
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JEA offers full-time employees the opportunity to purchase Legal Assistance through US Legal Services with post-tax payroll deductions. The Family Protector is a comprehensive legal protection program designed to help individuals and their families deal with various personal issues in a dignified, affordable manner.

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Closed Title:AFLAC
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AFLAC offers a selection of plans to help you meet financial obligations associated with accidents, illnesses, and certain diagnoses. Coverage is paid for through payroll deductions, and benefits are paid directly to you.   

Your cost for coverage depends on the plan, and in some cases, your age. If your employment with JEA ends, you may take these benefits with you for the same cost you pay as an employee. 

Agent, Susan Knight: (904) 241-2482 or (904) 993-4427
Member Services: (800) 922-3522

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Closed Title:Retirement and Investment Opportunities
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Retirement Savings Plans

JEA offers comprehensive retirement savings plans which include the General Employee Defined Contribution plan along with the 457b Deferred Compensation plan and the 401a Defined Contribution plan.   

Understand JEA's Retirement Savings Plans (PDF)

General Employees Defined Contribution (GEDC) Plan

All JEA full-time employees are required to participate in the City of Jacksonville’s General Employee Defined Contribution Plan (GEDC). The GEDC is a tax-deferred retirement plan regulated by IRS Code § 401(a). While participants in the GEDC plan do not contribute to Social Security or the federal disability (OASDI) program, they do contribute to Medicare. 

JEA 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

The JEA 457 Deferred Compensation Plan is a voluntary plan that allows employees to defer a portion of their eligible biweekly earnings via payroll deductions on a pre-tax or after-tax basis (Roth contributions option) to an investment account.

 JEA 401a Defined Contribution Plan (Appointed Employees) 

The JEA 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan is a retirement plan offered to all appointed employees at time of hire. 

Please note, the above plans are subject to IRS limits.

Medical Benefits for Retirees

Retirees can continue medical, dental and vision benefits they are enrolled in at the time of retirement.   This may also occur for your dependent(s) should you, as a retiree, not elect to enroll in eligible benefit coverage as longs as your dependents meet eligibility.  Retiree can also elect life insurance at the time of retirement.   If you decline retiree benefits at any time or do not enroll in the coverage whey you retire, you may not rejoin the plan at a later date.

At age 65 you may have the option to elect the JEA Medicare Advantage Plan if you have Medicare Part A and B and are currently enrolled in one of JEA's medical plans.
Download 2021 Medicare Program Overview (PDF)
Download 2022 Retiree Benefits at a Glance (PDF)
Download 2023 Retiree Benefits at a Glance (PDF)


Work-Life Balance and Personal Growth  

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Closed Title:Time Off
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JEA recognizes the importance of time away from work to re-energize and focus on your quality of life. Starting on the first day of employment, employees begin to accrue paid leave, up to four weeks of annual leave during your first year. In addition to annual leave, JEA provides 12 paid holidays, one personal day, military duty, bereavement and jury duty. 

Paid Holidays 

New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day  

Paid Personal Day

You pick the day you want off, some know it as a floating day off and others as a floating holiday. Your paid personal day is in addition to the holidays off all JEA employees receive.   

Annual Leave 

JEA employees earn 6.154 hours per pay period for 26 pay periods. That equals 160 hours annually and the hours not used roll over each year. The longer you are with JEA, the more hours you earn annually.

Safety Leave

The Passport to Safety Program is designed to focus on increasing participation in activities proven to improve safety performance. Participation in the Passport to Safety Program can earn you up to 16 hours of safety leave.

Military Leave

JEA is very proud to have employees who continue to serve their nation’s military. JEA complies with all regulations related to USERRA and thus provides its employees time off related to military service.

Other Leave

Jury duty and Bereavement leave are both offered to JEA employees.

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Closed Title:Professional Growth
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JEA attracts people who have an appetite to learn and advance their careers.   

Tuition Assistance

JEA offers financial assistance for college courses related to your position or career path with the company.  The annual limit is $12,000 per calendar year for undergraduate programs, and $16,000 per calendar year for graduate programs. Any cost above $5,250 per calendar year will be subject to tax according to the IRS. 

Professional Development

JEA's Employee and Leadership Training and Development team is here to help you soar!   Many of JEA's courses offer credit hours, professional development units (PDU's) and continuing education units (CEU's) to Professional Engineers (PE's), Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) and Project Management Professionals (PMP's).

JEA Academy

JEA Academy offers in-house and offsite employee training, Individual Development Plans (IDP), technical training and professional training.


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