JEA Announces Staff Additions


OGC’s Jody Brooks will represent JEA; Kurt Wilson to join JEA team

Jacksonville, FL - March 23, 2020 - In order to provide continuity and guidance in two critical areas of our organization, it was announced today that Jody Brooks will be returning to work as an Attorney IV and Chief Legal Counsel for JEA and Kurt Wilson will join the organization to serve as JEA’s Interim Vice President and Chief Government Affairs Officer.

Under the City Charter, the Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides diverse and comprehensive legal services to all Jacksonville government entities, including JEA. Brooks was hired by OGC to fill the position vacated by Lynne Rhode and has been assigned to handle all JEA legal matters. 

“As the Office of General Counsel’s Chief Legal Counsel for JEA, Jody brings with her a long history with JEA and will play an important role to ensure Jacksonville’s utility and the Office of General Counsel work transparently and collaboratively on behalf of JEA’s employees and customers,” said Melissa Dykes, JEA Interim Managing Director and CEO. 

Brooks previously handled JEA legal matters from April 2013 to March 2019 and was promoted to become Chief Legal Officer in 2016. She brings close to 20 years of legal experience to this position.

In addition, Kurt Wilson will focus on ensuring JEA continues to provide a high-level of valuable communication and information sharing between JEA and our local elected and appointed officials.  

“As Interim Vice President and Chief Government Affairs Officer, Kurt has a tremendous history working with various City of Jacksonville agencies having served in multiple leadership positions including Director/Fire Chief of Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department. His experience will translate well into his new role on JEA’s Senior Leadership Team as the liaison to the city including the Jacksonville City Council and the Florida Legislature,” said Dykes.

Wilson will fill the position vacated by Sherry Hall and will focus on building strong cross-agency relationships at the local and state level to advance JEA’s mission. 

“I have worked with Kurt for many years and have a great deal of respect for him. I know that he will serve our community and JEA well,” said City Council President Scott Wilson. 


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