When the Temperature Dips, Follow These Energy-Saving Tips


Jacksonville, FL – A dip in temperature can lead to a rise in your electric bill because of the direct correlation between weather and energy consumption. JEA recommends the following tips to keep energy use in check during cold weather.  

Save energy by setting your thermostat at 68 degrees – set it even lower at night or when you’re not at home. Heating accounts for up to 50% of energy consumption for the typical home. 

  • You’ll save up to 22% on your heating costs compared to a setting of 72 degrees.
  • Every degree above 68 will add 5% to the heating portion of your electric bill.
  • Make sure you set your thermostat 3 to 5 degrees cooler when you’re not at home.
  • When you raise your thermostat; ONLY raise it one or two degrees at a time so that the heat strips don’t come on.  
  • Heat pumps have Emergency and/or Auxiliary settings. When your thermostat indicates your heat pump is using Emergency or Auxiliary power, it has turned on electric heat strips within the unit. These strips warm the air inside your home when the heat pump alone can’t. They also use A LOT more energy 
  • If you feel a chill, dress in layers

Avoid drafts – check your windows and doors to see if they’re airtight. Use rolled towels or blankets to block gaps under doors or leaks in windows.

Insulate against heat loss - Insulate and weather-strip your home to prevent heat loss and keep cold air out.

  • Weather-strip around doors and windows. 
  • Seal cracks or crevices where two different building materials meet.
  • It's also a good idea to weather-strip between heated and unheated areas such as garages, basements and attic openings 

Space heater safety – Space heaters use less electricity than your heat pump, however, only if you turn down the thermostat and only have the space heater on when you are in the room. Note: Space heaters can greatly reduce your heating bill but are dangerous if you do not properly operate and maintain them according to the manufacturer’s instructions, so please use due care.

  • Never leave a space heater unattended 
  • Never leave a space heater on while sleeping 
  • Never place a space heater close to flammable items 
  • Make sure the space heater has "tip over protection" 

Reminder - Air filters – Check and/or change air filters every month. Only use the filter designed for your system. Higher micron filters (thicker) can be seen by your heat pump as a dirty filter, which can increase operating costs.

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