Medical Alerts

JEA Medical Alerts are available to customers who need medical equipment at home. This alert means that in the event of a disconnection for nonpayment, a JEA employee will make an extra attempt to contact you so that you may make a payment, credit arrangement, or find alternate care options. A medical alert on your account does not prevent disconnection for non-payment of your utility services. 

If the JEA employee cannot reach someone at the house, a door hanger will be left signifying we attempted to notify you of the pending disconnection.

If you are disconnected, JEA reconnects service on the same day if payment is made before 6 p.m. Monday - Friday. Please consider other care options for the resident using medical equipment until service is restored.

Getting a Medical Alert on Your Account

Download our Medically Essential Electric Service Certification Form 

Please follow the instructions outlined on the form, including having it certified by your physician. The physician does not need to disclose the nature of the medical condition.

A valid JEA medical alert lasts 24 months. As your expiration date approaches, we will mail you new certification forms to complete. 

To remove the medical alert from your account, please download and complete our Decertification Form. Mail your completed form to us at 225 North Pearl Street, Floor 3, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

Medical Alerts and JEA MyWay

Customers with a medical alert on file cannot enroll in the JEA MyWay prepaid utility services program since that program does not allow for courtesy notification prior to service disconnection. If you’re currently enrolled in JEA MyWay and would like to add a medical alert to your account, please call us at (904) 665-6000 so we can transition your account to a traditional monthly method of paying your bill.

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