Breakdown of a Typical JEA Bill

The table below explains each charge on your utility bill based on average monthly consumption levels (1,000 kWh of electric service and 6,000 gallons of water used with a 5/8” meter).

Utility Services: Electric, Water and Sewer Service Charges

Charge   Description Electric Water Sewer
Basic Monthly Charge Fixed monthly cost of providing service to your home. JEA must maintain your meter(s), pipes and wires whether or not electricity, water or sewer services are used. $15.00  $12.60 $14.10
Energy Charge All costs to produce and distribute electricity other than fuel. This example is based on 1,000 kWh.(Normally includes JEA’s City Contribution cost. For this example, the City Contribution is broken out below.) $65.46     
Fuel Cost  The cost of fuel (coal, natural gas, etc.) used to generate and supply electricity. This includes purchased power as needed. Please note that this charge adjusts monthly and the stated charge reflects only the current month's rate. $41.62 

Usage Charge Costs to bring water to your home and/or sewer from your home including system maintenance, distribution and treatment. This example is based on 6,000 gallons. (Normally includes JEA’s City Contribution cost. For this example, the City Contribution is broken out below.)   $7.80  $31.86 
All your electric, water and sewer service charges.   $122.08  $20.40 $45.96

Government Transfers: Taxes, fees and contributions paid to city or state government

Charge   Description Electric Water Sewer
City Contribution The portion of your bill collected by JEA for the City of Jacksonville to support general government services not related to JEA. The City Contribution is shown here to reflect the amount of your bill that goes toward government transfers. However, on your actual bill, this charge is included in the electric or usage charge.  The current City contribution formula is based on multiplying 7.468 mills times total electric kWh, and .3892 mills times total water and sewer sales. $7.47  $2.34 $2.34
Public Service Tax based on the City of Jacksonville tax Tax that applies to electric and water service to customers living in the cities of Jacksonville and Atlantic Beach, the town of Baldwin and unincorporated portions of Clay County. JEA collects this tax and passes it on as required. $9.06  $2.10  
City Franchise Fee Charge for the utility to use public right-of-ways and provide service within municipal boundaries. This fee is passed directly to the city government in which the service is provided. $4.31 $0.61 $1.38
State Gross Receipts Tax This tax is assessed on all electric public utilities and paid directly to the State of Florida. $3.31    
All charges transferred to other government entities   $24.18 $5.05  $3.72 

Total: Utility Services and Government Transfers  

Total   Electric Water Sewer
TOTAL (utility services + government transfers charges)   $142.85  $25.45 $49.68

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