Water, Wastewater and Irrigation Form

To be considered for an adjustment, submit your request within 90 days of the billing period in question. Adjustments are limited to no more than two in a 36-month period per residence. By requesting an adjustment, you are waiving your rights to any future adjustments after two adjustments within any 36-month period, regardless of the subsequent amount. 

If you need an extension on your bill while your request is being processed, apply for an extension online or call one of our representatives at (904) 665-6000.

This form is not a guarantee that a credit will be applied to your utility bill. You will be notified if the request cannot be granted or if additional information is needed.



  1. If approved, the adjustment will reduce higher than normal consumption amounts, as determined by JEA, to a lower tier rate. The adjustment will not reduce the number of gallons you were billed.
  2. If approved, JEA will adjust no more than two consecutive billing periods. If your high usage has not yet fully billed, JEA may elect to hold your request until after your next bill. This hold is for your benefit to assure all of the high usage is calculated in your adjustment. Once completed, you will receive a message on the billing statement and a credit with the adjusted amount in the Other Activities section of the bill.
  3. In the event of water loss from a leak that did not enter the sewer system, such as an underground leak, slab leak, or broken pipe, JEA requires a plumber’s statement or plumber’s receipt to verify a completed repair. Upon verification, JEA may adjust wastewater charges calculated by the number of gallons billed. Sewer adjustments may result in a reduction to the gallons billed, strictly for plumber adjustments and not high extreme usage.
  4. All required repairs were completed and water consumption returned to normal levels.




After submitting, please email the repair documents with your account number to wateradjustment@jea.com. If you are unable to submit your repair documents via email, you may send them by mail or Fax to:

JEA Customer Advocacy and Resolution Team

225 N. Pearl St., Floor 3

Jacksonville, FL 32202

Fax (904) 665-7990



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