JEA Credit Score

Your JEA credit rating isn’t the same as any other credit score you may have, so it is important to understand. Your account starts out with a perfect JEA credit score of 1000. When you keep your account in good standing, you maintain your perfect score. If you don’t, your credit rating with JEA is lowered. If your credit score gets too low, your deposit may increase. 

Fortunately, there’s no mystery to how your credit score works. By knowing what the rules are, you can work to keep your credit in good standing.

Infraction Internal Credit Reduction Duration of Credit Reduction  
First Dishonored Payment (one Cash Only Point)
The first payment dishonored by the issuer’s financial institution. *Note a dishonored payment for a deposit or the Customer’s initial bill is a separate infraction.
-100 9 months
Second Dishonored Payment within a non-month period (two Cash Only Points)
A dishonored payment from the issuer’s financial institution within nine months of a First Dishonored Payment.
9 months
Dishonored Deposit or Initial Payment (three Cash Only Points)
A dishonored payment from the issuer’s financial institution for the deposit or initial payment, whichever comes first. -300 9 months 
Commercial Late Payment 
Any payment not received by the due date specified on the billing statement. -50 12 months 
Disconnection for Non-Payment
Severing services for failure or neglect to pay.
-100  12 months 
Responsible Party Assumes Account for the Deceased
The responsible party’s credit standing and account history with JEA determines the deposit amount and whether a credit infraction is imposed. -150 9 months 
New Accounts Receiving Dismissal Order from Bankruptcy Court
   -200  24 months 
No Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Customers who do not provide their Social Security Number at the start of service.  -300 Life of the Account 
Verification that a Customer altered, interfered with, or damaged any meter, other apparatus or device belonging to JEA.
-750 7 years 
Verification that a Customer committed utility theft.  -750 7 years 
Write-off of Uncollected Customer Debt
An amount owed that has remained on a closed account.
-750 4 years 

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