Deposit and Connection Fees

Depending on your credit history, you may not have to pay a deposit. Residential customers who wish to get their deposit waived must provide full and legitimate credit information, including their Social Security number, to facilitate credit inquiries. If the customer meets our policy requirements, their deposit may be waived.

If your credit history doesn’t meet certain criteria, the initial deposit will either be two times the average monthly consumption for the premise or the standard minimum shown below for each service, whichever is greater.
Learn About Our Credit Rating Policy

Standard Minimum Deposits for Utility Services

We require the deposit on an account to be either two times the average bill for the premise (your home, apartment or business) or the standard minimum amount.

  • Electric: $200
  • Water and Sewer: $100
  • Water only: $50
  • Sewer only: $75
  • Irrigation or Reclaimed Irrigation only: $50

We run a check on all our accounts as part of a normal business process to ensure that deposits meet the standard minimum requirement as described above. If yours does not, we may send a letter to let you know your deposit will be increased and that this will be reflected on your next statement.

We also may increase the deposit if a customer’s JEA credit score dips below a certain point. Your JEA credit score is completely under your control. If you experience an unforeseen financial hardship, we offer payment extensions, which give you a few more days to pay your bill, and even payment arrangements that allows you to pay unexpected high bills over time. The important step is to call us so we help you to maintain a good JEA credit score and avoid a deposit increase.

Start Service and Pay Your Deposit

You can always contact us to speak with a JEA Customer Care Consultant.

Deposit Returns

If you were required to pay a deposit, your money will earn interest at a rate based on the 12-month Treasury Bill Yield. The interest that accrues will be credited to your deposit balance annually. After 12 months of continuous service and maintaining a good JEA credit score, the deposit amount and any accrued interest may be applied to your account balance. 

If you leave our service area, your deposit and any interest earned will be applied to the final bill and, if applicable, a refund check will be issued within four to six weeks. 

Connection Fees

A connection fee for electricity, water, and irrigation will be charged to all customers whether new, existing, or relocating:

  • Ordered in advance or before noon for same day request: $10.00
  • Ordered after noon for same day request: $25.00

JEA MyWay: An Alternative to Paying Deposit and Reconnection Fees

JEA MyWay allows users to pay for utility services before they use them. No deposit, credit check, late fees or reconnection fees are required. Best of all - no surprises or monthly bill! Just sign in and add money to your account whenever it is low. If you have an existing deposit, it will be credited to your account and any remainder will go towards your new MyWay account.
Learn About MyWay

Reactivating an Account (Pre-Existing Customers)

In order to reactivate an account which has an unpaid past due balance greater than $25 owed from previous service(s), a customer must agree to pay the unpaid balance at the time of request. In addition, a deposit will be required.

Start Service as an Existing Customer

The customer may be allowed to make a payment arrangement on an unpaid balance. However, the absolute minimum payment amount must be paid prior to start of service. The minimum payment amount shall be equal to the initial deposit amount plus half of the previous unpaid balance. Any unpaid charges still present at the account activation will become part of that account and subject to credit and collection policies and procedures governing active accounts.

The customer will be paid dividends on the deposit at an interest rate determined by JEA policy. The dividends will be paid annually on the anniversary date in accordance with the date the cash deposit posted and will appear as an adjustment to the deposit balance. When service is severed and prior to final billing, the deposit and any unpaid dividends will be applied to the final bill and, if applicable, a refund check will be issued within four to six weeks. 

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