Service Charges

JEA is required to assess a service charge for certain work performed. This is a partial listing of those service charges. A complete list of all Service Charges can be found in the Electric Tariff (Sheet 3.1) and the Water and Sewer Tariff (Page 22).

Partial Listing of Service Charges
Service Charge
Account Fraud
Assessed to any person falsifying information to establish or maintain a JEA account. The fee shall be assessed once it has been verified that fraud has been committed against JEA.
Meter Reset after Theft or Fraud   A minimum of $225, or the actual costs of labor and materials, will be charged to reset a meter after a verified theft or fraud of utility services
(Check JEA's Water and Wastewater Tariff (page 3) for more information on this program)
Residential Irrigation Backflow Testing Program
Sewer Flow Meter Inspection
Locate Sewer Connection
Up to $50
Up to $50
Commercial Irrigation Reactivation $250
Connection Fee for All Service Agreements, Same Day
Order must be received before noon for same day turn-on.
Connection Fee for All Service Agreements, Same Day
Order must be received by 3:00 p.m. to assure same day turn-on.
Connection Fee for All Service Agreements, Scheduled $10
Court Appearance by a JEA Employee $50 minimum charge up to $400 depending on actual costs
Damaged Meter Actual cost of the damaged or missing meter
Field Notification $5
Fire Hydrant Flow Test $82
Discharge Permit Application
On-site Inspection for Pretreatment Regulations (per visit)
Late Payment Fee
1.5% of the account balance will be assessed for late payments.
Meter Inaccessibility Fee $25
Water Meter Tests
1" or below Meter Field Test
1 1/2"-2" Meter Field Test
Greater than 2" Meter Field Test

Electric Meter Tests

No charge if a meters accuracy is found to be in error more than +/- 2%. If meter is within the +/- 2% accuracy the customer will pay the full cost of the testing.

Residential/Light Commercial = $50
Commercial Rate 20-30 OH and UG = $75
Primary Metered Service (All Rate Structure) = $200

Pole Disconnect and Reconnect (D/R) for Non-Pay A minimum of $50, or the actual cost of labor and materials, in each instance of Pole D/R
Reconnect for Non-Pay (Electric and Water)
Standard reconnection fees for water and electric are $14 each. Fee is waived for current JEA MyWay Customers.
Residential Irrigation Reactivation Fee $125
Returned Payment Charge $20
Returned Trip Fee $25
Special Order Reconnects $25
A $200.00 adjustment shall be assessed to an account when tampering of meter or service connection has been verified. Additional fees may apply
Meter Reclamation $60 service charge to repair and test a meter that has been removed due to customer tampering

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