Managing Consumption

Managing your energy and water consumption is the first step in lowering your utility bill. In order to better manage your consumption, you need to know what areas in your home are affecting your utility bill most.

Track Your Usage Tracking your usage is the first step to taking control of your bill. My JEA Utility Tracker will allow you to track your daily usage helping you learn how to save on your utility bills. 

Free Energy Efficiency Assessments: A JEA representative from our efficiency assessments team will inspect your home and will offer cost-effective ideas to help you lower your energy costs. 

Free Irrigation Assessment: Surprisingly, 35- 50% of water used for residential irrigation is wasted. Customers may request a free water management assessment.  

Hidden Factors That Affect your Bill 

While tracking your consumption and taking advantage of cost effective ideas to lower your energy costs can help you better manage the cost of your monthly utility bill, it is also important to understand how other factors such as phantom loads and the weather may affect your bill.

Phantom Load: Household electronics and small appliances you think are turned off may actually still be using small amounts of electricity. And if you’ve got a house full of these draining phantoms, it can add up quickly.

Weather Effects: The weather can have a large impact on your utility bill. When the weather is significantly cooler or warmer you usually also see a significant increase on your bill. Learning how weather can effect your bill is an important factor when you are trying manage your bill increases.

Energy Myths: In times of high or rising energy prices, many new products, services and old wives tales come to the marketplace. It is important to know which claims are true and which are false.

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