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Program Overview

Stop flushing money down the toilet. Replace your 3.5 or greater gallon per flush toilet with a WaterSense certified 1.28 or lower gallon per flush toilet and start saving on your utility bill..  

Toilets account for nearly a third of the average home’s indoor water use.* WaterSense toilets can reduce water consumption for the average family by up to 60 percent, saving you nearly $140 per year, or $2,900 over the course of a single toilet’s lifetime.

Whether you’re a homeowner installing a new toilet or a property manager looking to cut costs at your multi-family building, our rebates make switching to WaterSense toilets an easy investment that helps pay for itself.

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Look for the WaterSense label to find qualified products.

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Apply Online (new<0.8gpf toilet):

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Program Details

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Closed Title: What rebates are available?
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  • Contractor Toilet Replacement: JEA will rebate WaterSense labeled 1.28 gpf or 0.8 gpf toilets in single-family and multi-family home water customers only. Toilet(s) must be installed by a Pre-Qualified Contractor. 
  • Self-Installation: JEA will rebate $50 for the purchase of WaterSense labeled 1.28 gpf toilets or $100 for WaterSense labeled 0.8 gpf toilets for single-family and multi-family home water customers only. 
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Closed Title: Who is eligible?
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  • Rebates are available for JEA residential single-family and multi-family water customers only.
  • Only two (2) rebate per product type per home every seven (7) years. 
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Closed Title: Which product qualifies for a rebate?
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  • WaterSense labeled 1.28 gallons per flush high-efficiency toilets.
  • WaterSense labeled 0.8 gallons per flush high-efficiency toilets. 
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Closed Title: How do I receive a rebate?
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There are two ways to receive rebates on qualifying appliances: (1) apply online after purchasing from a participating retailer, or (2) work with a pre-qualified contractor.

Online Application after Purchase

  1. Purchase a new WaterSense labeled toilet from a local retailer.
  2. To receive rebate for self-install toilet replacement (0.8gpf) rebate, apply online or download application and email completed application to
  3. To receive rebate for self-install toilet replacement (1.28gpf) rebate, apply online or download application and email completed application to

Working with a Pre-approved Contractor

  1. Select a pre-qualified contractor.
  2. Schedule an appointment for installation. 
  3. Your contractor installs the preapproved toilet.
  4. The rebate is applied to the contractor invoice, reducing your project cost by up to $250. 



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