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Free Irrigation Assessments

Did you know that 35 to 50 percent of water used for residential irrigation is wasted? Your irrigation system should be checked on a regular basis to ensure it is working properly:

  1. Inspect sprinkler heads. A broken one can waste 25,000 gallons of water in six months.
  2. Connect pipes and hoses. A small leak can waste up to 6,300 gallons of water a month.
  3. Select a WaterSense labeled irrigation controller.
  4. Direct spray to your landscape, not your sidewalk.

You don’t have to drown in high water bills for the sake of a green lawn. Our experts can visit your home and show you how to get a green, beautiful lawn without the extra costs caused by overwatering. In addition to determining an irrigation schedule tailor made for your landscape, our experts will show you how to: 

  • Check your water meter for leaks. 
  • Program the irrigation controller 
  • Inspect your rotor and sprayer heads for interference, alignment and damage. 
  • Ensure your rain or moisture sensor is functioning properly  

Call JEA’s irrigation experts at (904) 665-6000 to schedule an appointment.

Watering Basics:

  • Water 2 days per week, if needed, when Daylight Saving Time begins
  • Water 1 day per week, if needed, when Daylight Saving Time ends
    • Odd # addresses, those ending with N-Z or no address: Wednesday & Saturday
    • Even # addresses or those ending with A-M: Thursday & Sunday
    • Non-residential: Tuesday and Friday
  • No watering between 10am - 4pm 

Fertilizer Runoff

The City of Jacksonville regulates the amount of fertilizer runoff allowed into the St. Johns River. Do not apply fertilizer during flood or storm watches and do not blow lawn clippings into streets, ditches or drains.
City of Jacksonville's Environmental Quality Division: Irrigation and Fertilizer

Florida-Friendly Landscaping Pointers: