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Program Overview

Leaks due to improper insulation could be a significant source of energy waste and costs for your home. JEA offers rebates of $0.20 per square foot on new insulation to help with the upfront costs of improving your home’s energy efficiency.*

Updating your insulation can not only help you save up to 10 percent on your energy bill, but also improve overall comfort. ** 

Work with a pre-qualified contractor to make the switch today and start saving.

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Program Details

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Closed Title: What rebates are available?
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  • $0.20 per square foot, up to $200, for insulation.
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Closed Title: What are the eligibility requirements?
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  • Be a JEA residential electric customer.
  • The rebate maximum will cover the first 1,000 square feet of installation installed to achieve R-38.
  • The attic floor must have less than 5" (or R-15) of existing insulation.
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Closed Title: How do I receive a rebate?
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  1. Select a pre-qualified contractor. 
  2. Contractor completes the attic insulation project. 
  3. Rebate is applied to the contractor invoice, reducing your total project cost. 
  4. Download application and consent form, then email completed application and consent form to


*The maximum rebate amount is $200.
** Source: ENERGY STAR: Seal and Insulate with ENERGY STAR | ENERGY STAR. Date Sourced: 04/12/2022. 

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