Galvanized Pipe Replacement Program

Program Overview

JEA developed the Galvanized Pipe Replacement Program to modernize more than 200 miles of JEA's existing potable water distribution system to reduce service failures and meet current potable flow standards. JEA estimates that more than 70 percent of its water main breaks and leaks are a result of galvanized pipes that are either at or rapidly approaching the end of their useful life, putting a considerable strain on JEA’s maintenance operations. Although JEA has always replaced failing pipes as part of its maintenance activities, this program accelerates progress by providing dedicated funding and management focused on execution.

By replacing the existing, inadequate galvanized mains, JEA's customers will enjoy greater reliability, improved water pressure and increased fire protection with the introduction of hydrants in currently unserved or underserved areas. At the same time, JEA will realize reduced maintenance costs by minimizing the potential for future line failures.

Galvanized Pipe Timeline

Galvanized Pipe Replacement Projects

Since the Program’s launch in 2018, JEA has replaced more than 23,000 linear feet – that’s four miles - of galvanized pipe throughout Jacksonville. Nearly 47,000 linear feet are in various stages of replacement, either under construction, pending construction, or in planning and design. It is estimated that by the end of 2023, JEA will have replaced nearly 80,000 linear feet – more than 15 miles – of outdated galvanized pipe countywide.

Concurrent with the planning, design and construction on existing identified projects, JEA is analyzing break and service data to identify future projects. The selection process involves thorough evaluation of various factors including the number and density of line breaks, number of properties served, and proximity and connections to larger water mains. Through this process JEA will methodically prioritize projects that will have the greatest positive impact to both JEA’s customers and its maintenance operations. Over the next several years, JEA will invest millions of dollars in neighborhoods across Jacksonville to bring modernized potable water service to its customers.

Planning, Design and Construction Projects

Pre-design planning begins when street segments are selected for inclusion in the program. This involves surveying the streets and surrounding areas to determine the precise location of the existing galvanized pipe and other underground utilities that may present conflicts during construction. The pre-design evaluation will also identify the public rights of way, existing asphalt and soil conditions, and other conditions that will be factored into the project’s design.

After the design is completed, projects are constructed using a combination of local contractors and JEA crews dedicated to this program. Some street segments are “packaged” as a single project to be constructed at the same time due to their connectivity and proximity. Those projects are bid and awarded to a contractor. Smaller, individual street segments are completed by JEA’s in-house forces. This bilateral approach gives JEA the flexibility to keep projects moving forward at a consistent pace.

Examples of Construction Conditions on a Galvanized Pipe Replacement Project 

Below is an example of what type of work you may see crews performing on a water improvement project. 

JEA Water Project Example

Below is an example of what a galvanized water pipe might look like if not replaced in a timely manner.

Example of Tuberculation in a Galvanized Pipe

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