JEA Guest Pay

Using JEA's Guest Pay option is simple! With Guest Pay, payments can be made using your bank account or debit/credit card to any account by simply entering a valid JEA account number. It is a perfect solution for customers who do not have an online account but would still like to pay online. It is also a great option for someone who is not the account holder but wishes to make a payment on behalf of a JEA customer.* You just need the customer's last name and address to remain anonymous and help them out. 

If You Have the Account Number

Make a Payment Now

If You Do Not Have the Account Number

Search By Name and Address

Guest Pay is an option provided to JEA customers by our third-party payment processing vendor, KUBRA®.

KUBRA Boost™ - The “Boost” feature allows biller customers to request payment assistance from friends and family members. Customers can share a system-generated link with friends and family so they can make partial bill payments for any amount on their behalf or pay the entire amount. This link conveniently takes them directly to the KUBRA EZ-PAY® account, where they can make payments. The “Boost” feature also allows roommates to share bill payments easily.

  • Select "Get help from a Boost" from the payment options.
  • Share your unique link with friends and family through whatever method you prefer.
  • They follow the link sent by you.
  • They make a payment to your account.
  • You are notified of the payments.
  • You can pay any remaining balance.

*This payment option is only available to customers with an active account using their bank account or debit/credit card for payment. Deposits to start service may not be paid through this option.