Solar Water Heating Rebates

ShopSmart with JEA provides rebates for solar water heating. Northeast Florida averages 222 sunny days each year.* That’s a lot of sunshine – and an abundant source of energy. With JEA’s Solar Incentive Program, we pay you an incentive for investing in a solar water heating system because you’re also making an investment in the environment.

JEA solar water heater rebates will be taken off of your purchase price at time of purchase by the contractor, they will not be issued by JEA after the installation. If you are contacted by a solar vendor about our solar water heater rebates, be sure they are on our Solar Water Heater pre-qualified contractors list before scheduling any type of audit.

Before you invest in a solar water heater, make sure you have completed the other energy efficiency upgrades in your home listed the JEA Home Investment Curve. Solar Water Heating can be very costly, and is considered a Tier 4 Investment. 

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JEA SolarSmart gives residential and business customers who do not have solar panels an option to benefit from solar energy and to demonstrate their commitment to improving the environment.
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Solar Water Heating Rebate Details

The rebate amount for a residential solar water heater is $400. Only customers converting from an electric water heating system qualify for the rebate and it may not be combined with other incentives (tax credits, manufacturer rebates, grants, etc.) that exceed the cost of the system. Rebates are available to JEA electric customers only. Solar Thermal systems must be certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), operate at no less than 700 btu/ft2, be installed by qualified personnel meeting Florida Statute 489.105 (3) (o), and comply with all local building and electrical codes.

To receive your ShopSmart with JEA rebate:

  1. Contact one of our pre-qualified contractors who will provide information on the rebate. A ShopSmart brochure will be provided along with an estimate.
  2. If you choose to have the work performed by the contractor the JEA rebate will be clearly indicated on your invoice as a deduction from the total price including installation.

    Click here for a list of pre-qualified contractors. For more information, call our ShopSmart with JEA hotline at 877-278-3418.

    JEA encourages customers to get at least three estimates, ask for references, and to review any professional you may consider hiring via the Better Business Bureau and/or the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Pre-qualification in the ShopSmart program requires that a contractor provide JEA with a valid contractor's license, proof of liability insurance coverage, and is then reviewed for presence on the Northeast Florida Better Business Bureau. rebates will only be paid to contractors whom have been pre-qualified and accepted by JEA. The choice of contactor and the work scheduled is between the customer and the contractor. JEA encourages each customer to fully understand the scope of all work being performed by the contractor.

    *Source: National Weather Service

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