Requesting an Extension


We understand that sometimes you’re faced with unexpected expenses and could use more time or assistance to pay your bill. 

Payment Extensions

If you could use a little more time to pay your bill, you can apply for a Payment Extensions online here on Our self-service system will let you know if you qualify and give you a new due date.

Apply for a Payment Extension

If you don’t have an online account, you can register for a account now - it's fast and free!

Payment Arrangements

JEA offers a Payment Arrangement option to assist customers who need more than just a few more days to pay their utility bill. This option allows qualifying customers to pay their balance over a series of monthly installments. The installment amount and ongoing usage are combined into each monthly bill.

Contact us to see if you qualify for a Payment Arrangement

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Closed Title:Qualifying for Payment Extensions and Arrangements
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JEA considers several factors before granting a Payment Extensions and Arrangements. These include:

  • Customer's payment history
  • Length of time as a JEA Customer
  • Past-due amount
  • Any active Payment Plan and/or Payment Arrangements
  • Age of past-due amount
  • Timeliness of prior payments
  • JEA Credit Score
  • Bankruptcy status
  • Evidence of tampering
  • Evidence of fraud

Trouble Paying Your Bill

In some cases an extension or arrangement may not offer the financial relief needed to our customers. If you are facing a financial dilemma,you can also request assistance through additional resources in our community.

Get Assistance

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Remember, only toilet paper and human waste should go down your toilet. Flushing anything else, including paper towels, can damage JEA’s wastewater system and create dangerous (and disgusting) blockages called fatbergs.

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