Changes in Account Holder

Transferring an account from one person to another can only occur when a customer has passed away. JEA wants to make this as easy as possible so we ask that you notify us to change the account holder.

We understand this is an emotionally stressful time, and that navigating through someone's affairs can be challenging. We hope this information related to our role in this process will be helpful. Please call one of our Customer Care Consultants to discuss your situation.  We’re here to help ease the account transfer process.

Transferring an Account from a Deceased Customer

Can I transfer the account to my name?

Yes, utility services can be transferred to another person or an executor of the estate when a customer passes away.

How are accounts transferred?

If the account is being transferred to another person, we'll need your Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Phone Number(s) and Email Address (if this is your preferred method of contact). Under some circumstances we may also request your Driver’s License Number and/or Passport Number. If the account is being transferred to an executor, we'll need legal documentation defining the estate.

What if the account is not being transferred to another person or an estate?  

Unless the account is transferred to another person or an executor, utility services may be disconnected within 48 hours.   


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