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Save time, reduce your carbon footprint, and limit your risk of identity theft by receiving electronic bill notifications and making payments securely online. With JEA eBill you'll receive an email notification each month when your bill is ready to be viewed. And with JEA alerts, you have the option to receive a reminder text or email that your bill is almost due, which helps you remember to pay your bill on time. 

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Get an email instead of a paper statement. It's the free, secure way to be green and clutter-free. Your bill will be sent to [emailonfile@email.com].

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Get a paper copy of your bill. Your bill is also available online, anytime. Your bill will be sent to: [address on file]

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Once you have enrolled in eBill, your monthly bill will be sent to the email address associated with your account. Choose to make your payment online, by phone, by mail, at a neighborhood payment center, or at the JEA Office Downtown, just as you normally would. Also, visit our Alerts Center so you can choose to receive alerts by text or email when your bill is ready, when your bill due date is a few days away, and much more!

Advantages of eBill

  • Secure - Unlike regular mail, which can be lost or stolen, JEA eBill notifications are delivered directly to your email inbox.
  • Stay Organized - It can be tedious tracking paper statements. JEA’s eBilling system allows 13 months of previous statements to be viewed online at any time. No need for excess papers on your desk or kitchen table.
  • Environmentally Friendly - eBill subscribers help us conserve trees, as well as the water and energy needed to manufacture paper. According to the PayItGreen Alliance, by having bills delivered electronically and paid online, eBill subscribers annually help save:
    • 19,326 pounds of paper 
    • 72,195 pounds of wood
    • 922 bags of garbage

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