Water, Wastewater and Irrigation Adjustment Terms

To be considered for a water, sewer, or irrigation leak adjustment, simply complete the online submission form below and send us documentation of the completed repair to wateradjustment@jea.com.  Documentation of the repair may include repair receipts and a plumber’s statement, or repair receipts and a statement of work. Be sure the documentation includes the Commercial account number, identifies the cause of the leak, and confirms a completed repair.  Please note, all documentation must be received within 90 days of the repair to be considered for an adjustment up to two billing periods.

If you choose to repair the leak yourself, in lieu of receipts or a plumber's statement, we will accept detailed before and after photos of the area where the problem occurred. 

Shutting off the source of the leak is not considered a repair for the purposes of requesting an adjustment.

JEA reserves the right to conduct site visits for verification.

If you are unable to submit your documentation via email, mail it to JEA Customer Advocacy and Resolution Team 21 W. Church Street, CC2 Jacksonville, FL 32202 or Fax it to (904) 665-7990.


Leak: An unintentional water loss caused by broken and/or malfunctioning plumbing fixtures or pipes.

Non-Sewer Affected Leak: Water loss from a leak that does not enter the sewer system such as an underground pipe leak.

Calculated Average Usage

Adjustments are only applied to usage determined to be caused by a leak.

Typically, the leak amount is calculated by subtracting the average calculated usage from the total billed consumption.

The calculated average usage will be determined by JEA using one of the following:

  • Meter readings to calculate the average usage;

  • The average consumption of the three prior months for the billing period in question; or,

  • The average consumption for the same three months in the prior year.

Partial or inconsistent monthly usage is subject to exclusion from the average usage calculation.

Types of Adjustments

Water Leak Adjustment 

The water adjustment will reflect a 50% reduction of the calculated water leak consumption. A maximum of 149 kgal of water leak consumption is eligible for adjustment.

Wastewater Adjustment

Wastewater Adjustments due to a Sewer-Affected Water Leak: The wastewater adjustment will reflect a 50% reduction of the calculated excess consumption due to a sewer affected water leak. A maximum of 149 kgal of excess sewer consumption due to a water leak is eligible for adjustment.

Wastewater Adjustments due to Non-Sewer Affected Water Leak: The wastewater adjustment will reflect a 100% reduction of the calculated excess consumption due to a non-sewer affected water leak. Documentation confirming the water leak was non-sewer affecting is required.

Irrigation Leak Adjustment 

Calculated irrigation leak consumption previously billed at the second tier rate will be adjusted to the first tier. A maximum of 149 kgal of irrigation leak consumption is eligible for adjustment.

No Paper Towels or Wipes in the Toilet

Remember, only toilet paper and human waste should go down your toilet. Flushing anything else, including paper towels, can damage JEA’s wastewater system and create dangerous (and disgusting) blockages called fatbergs.

Learn what you can and cannot flush