Report a Streetlight Issue

Report a Streetlight Issue

Help keep our neighborhoods safe by reporting streetlights out. If a pole is marked with an orange ribbon it means it has already been identified and scheduled for repair. Please include as much detail as possible below to help locate the streetlight in question.

How to Locate a Pole Number

Having trouble finding a pole number? Pole numbers are five numbers or less and closely resemble the address the pole is close to. They are found five to six feet up the pole facing the street. On concrete poles and most wood poles, the numbers run up and down. 

Wood Pole Numbers

Wood Pole

Concrete Pole Numbers

Concrete Pole

Requesting a New Streetlight

If you would like to request a new streetlight be installed (not a repair) in your neighborhood, please contact the City of Jacksonville at (904) 630-CITY or submit your request online.