Deerwood - Southside Integrated Pipe System Water Project Phase 1

Estimated Dates & Work Schedule

Anticipated Start Date: 2022-06-10
Anticipated End Date: 2024-10-31

Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.*

*In some circumstances, extended hours and weekends may be required. 

Project Objective

A contractor working for JEA (J B Coxwell Contracting, Inc.) is continuing work on the first phase of an overall project to construct a new water transmission pipeline between two major water treatment grids located in JEA’s Duval County service territory. This project will allow JEA the ability to transport excess water supply from the north side of the St. Johns River to the south side of the river to better meet increased Potable Water demand in the southerly portion of the JEA service area. 

Once the new water transmission line is constructed and placed on-line, it will result in a direct offset of water withdrawal from the South Grid. Once completed, this project will promote conservation of the Floridian aquifer by lessening JEA's water resource withdrawal demand from its southern Raw Water well fields. Learn more about the overall project.  

The first phase of the project involves the installation of approximately 34,000 feet of 30-inch ductile iron water main from Southside Boulevard and Bradley Road to the JEA electric easement along Forest Boulevard South.

As part of this project phase, we will replace approximately 3,548 feet of 6-inch distribution water main, approximately 4,000 feet of raw water main from a future production well site in the Forest Boulevard area to connect to an existing raw water main, and extend the water main along Forest Boulevard. By extending the water main in this location, we will have the opportunity to serve 20 homes on Forest Boulevard who are currently served by private wells.

Please see the overall project map for Phase 1, and current road closures and detours in place through March 2024* project area map below. 

    Construction Conditions

    Construction will occur in City and State rights-of-way and easements, and within the electric transmission line easement(s) located near homes and businesses. For the safety of crews and the general public, temporary road closures and detours will be required while work progresses along the project route. During the course of this work, access to your residences and businesses will be maintained.  Please see the overall project map and map of current work area and detour route below.  

    Project Update and Traffic Alert - February 2024

    The new potable distribution water main installations have been completed and are now actively serving customers on Forest Boulevard south of Anders Boulevard. Roadway asphalt milling and resurfacing operations are scheduled to begin in early March 2024 starting near Bradley Road. 

    The current work involves the installation of the new water line under Beach Boulevard at Forest Boulevard using a boring construction method. For the safety of crews and the general public, we will be required to continue the closure at Forest Boulevard and Beach Boulevard for the duration of this work. See the detour map below

    Please note the following:

    • Turn lanes on Beach Boulevard toward Forest Boulevard (north & south) closed.
    • All travel lanes on Beach Boulevard will remain open. 
    • Forest Boulevard closed from Beach Boulevard (near the RaceTrac store) to 3340 Forest Boulevard.
    • Local traffic only on Forest Boulevard from Anders Boulevard to 3340 Forest Boulevard.
    • Vehicular traffic along Forest Boulevard north and south of Beach Boulevard will continue to utilize the Peach Drive detours.
    • Roads will be open to local traffic within the closed detour areas.
    • Please observe all signs, detours and general directions provided by the crews working on-site.

     Anticipated Start Date: February 20, 2024*
     Estimated Completion Date: March 15, 2024*
    *Dates are highly subject to change.

    This work will not affect your normal water, sewer and/or electric service.

    We appreciate your patience during this important infrastructure improvement project and apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by this construction work. 

    Southside Integrated Pipe System Phase 1 - Beach Blvd & Forest Blvd Intersection Closure Map


    Overall Project Area Map

    Deerwood SIPS Phase 1 - Overall Project Area Map

    Community FAQ

    Below are some questions we have received from the community regarding Phase 1 of this project. This section will be updated as the project progresses.  

    Q. Are there plans for a city sewer to be installed in the neighborhood, and when? 
    A. There are currently no sewer improvements proposed through this project or in the near future. There are not currently any funded septic tank projects located in this area. 

    Q. Will the road closure starting March 27th change the school bus and city bus route? What will be their new route? 
    A. The closures will only impact one bus stop for Duval County Public Schools (DCPS). However all the bus routes will have to follow the detour routes to get to the bus stops. This has been communicated to DCPS for coordination. At this time we do not believe any JTA stops will be changed, but the routes will be affected by detours. JTA is also aware of these impacts. 

    Q. Is there a map showing the street layout of the construction project South of Forest Blvd? Where is a link to it? Where is an entrance? 
    A. Yes. JEA has provided numerous project update emails to all residents in the area with the route and you can access these maps as well as upcoming Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) maps at If you have not received these emails please make sure that you update your email on your JEA account located at You can also send an email to the JEA Project Outreach Team at and we will make sure you are on the list. 

    Q. Does JEA have a count for the number of houses in Windy Hill? 
    A. JEA has account numbers and contact info in their data base which are utilized for determining affected properties. 

    Q. When do you expect the Windy Hill part of the SIPS Phase 1 water project to be completed? 
    A. October 2024 

    Q. What is the best phone number or website for Windy Hill residents to use to ask questions about JEA projects?
    A. For more information or to reports concerns JEA’s Project Outreach Team at 665-7500 or email

    Q. Will this new water pipe change the water pressure in our homes? Will the pressure decrease or increase? 
    A. We anticipate there will be improved water quality and possibly increased water pressure in the area of the 6-inch distribution line. 

    Q. How long until some type of payment will be put down on the dug up portions of Forest Blvd? 
    A. The contractor will place temporary asphalt one phase at a time, then they will return to mill & resurface the entire road toward the end of the project. Keep in mind the temporary asphalt can be bumpy so drivers should drive lower construction zone speeds for safety. 

    Q. There are black pipes being installed. Why, water pipes are usually light blue?
    A. Due to the size of the transmission water main (30-inch), it is made of ductile iron, which is black and very durable. There is blue marking tape on the pipe to help identify the pipe in the future as well as being noted on JEA’s GIS (mapping) records.

    Q. There is a lot of land off of Forest Blvd, between 4236 FOREST BLVD and 4272 FOREST BLVD that JEA owns. What is planned for the lot? Is it going to be used for water or sewage? There is a concern for sewage smell in our homes.  
    A. There is no sewer work planned for this project, and nothing shown in our plans for this particular lot. Nothing we are doing during this project should cause any sewer odor. This property was purchased for a future potable water well location. More information will be provided prior to the installation of the new well.