Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Development

JEA provides water and wastewater services to approximately 330,000 and 250,000 customers, respectively. Our service territory extends throughout most of Duval County as well as portions of St Johns, Nassau and Clay counties. Here, you will find everything you need to complete your development project.

Reclaimed Water for Irrigation

In 2015, JEA established its Reclaimed Water Service Territory to provide public access and residential reclaimed water to its customers. The establishment of the Reclaimed Water Service Territory allows JEA to use highly treated effluent for irrigation purposes while saving our limited high quality groundwater drinking water.  New developments within the reclaimed service territory will be expected to provide reclaimed water distribution systems in accordance with the guidelines established within the JEA Rules & Regulations for Water, Wastewater & Reclaimed Water Services.

Service Availability

The initial stages of your project are a good time to determine if service is available to your location. The completion of a Service Availability Request will determine if JEA provides service to your property and is the first step in applying for service. 

If it is determined that JEA is the utility service provider for your home or business, a service availability letter will be provided to you with potential points of connections and a tracking number commonly referred to as an availability number. The service availability letter confirms service capacity and will expire one (1) year from the date written. The service availability number is utilized as a unique identifier to track a project throughout its lifecycle.  Please include the JEA availability number on all correspondence to JEA.