Forms, Procedures and Checklists for Water and Wastewater Development Projects

Below are the applicable Forms, Procedures and Checklists needed to ensure efficient project management throughout JEA's Development process.

Design Review Forms and Checklist

Agent Authorization Form (PDF)
Plan Submittal Checklist
Application to Construct and Dedicate (PDF)

Real Estate

JEA Real Property Application/Hold Harmless Agreement (PDF)
JEA Conveyance Checklist - Easement, Plats and Deed Submittals (PDF)
JEA Standard Plat Language (PDF)

Permit Applications


Guidelines for Permit Requirements
Water and Wastewater Construction Permit Applications (PDF)


Water Construction Permit Application (PDF)
Wastewater Construction Permit Application (PDF)


Special FDOT Instructions (PDF)

Pre-Construction Meeting

Pre-Construction Meeting Request Form (PDF)
Pre-Construction Meeting Checklist (PDF)

As-Built Submittal

As-Built Submittal Transmittal and Checklist (PDF)

Permit Clearance Applications


Water and Wastewater Certificate of Completion Application (PDF) 


Water Certificate of Completion Application (PDF)
Wastewater Certificate of Completion Application (PDF)

Project Acceptance Package

Acceptance Checklist (PDF)
Bill of Sale (PDF) 
Dedication Warranty (PDF)
Engineer's Final Certification (PDF)
Owner's Affidavit of Construction Completion (PDF)
Schedule of Values (PDF)

Request A Drawing

As-Built drawings represent the final detailed 'blueprints' as to how infrastructure was installed during construction.

Make a Request