Capacity Fee Calculator - Average Daily Flow

Prior to initial connection to JEA's water and wastewater systems, customers are required to pay a water/wastewater plant and line extension Growth Capacity Charges. Charges are determined by the projected daily flow (consumption) as submitted by an engineer or as calculated by Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 64E-6.008.

Additional water/wastewater plant capacity charges may be required for expansion or increased flow at existing facilities. 

Calculate the average daily flow costs below. Next, compare the calculated costs to the table of base fees below. Whichever is greater is the amount to include on the Meter Application.

Water (Without Irrigation Meter) Capacity Fee Water (With Irrigation) Capacity Fee Irrigation Only Capacity Fee Sewer Capacity Fee Total Fees
$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Water and Sewer Plant Capacity Charges from the Water and Sewer Rate Document are summarized in the tables below. As of April 1, 2023, water plant capacity base fees are $4.68 per gallon of average daily water use as estimated or approved by JEA, or the fee in the table below, whichever is greater. Sewer plant capacity fees are $25.57/gallon of estimated average daily sewer capacity as estimated or approved by JEA, or the fee in the table below, whichever is greater.

Water & Sewer Capacity Base Fees for Residential & Commercial Customers
Meter Size Water (Without Irrigation Meter) Water (With Irrigation Meter) Irrigation Only Sewer
 Minimum ADF        
$/gal (as of Apr. 1, 2023) $4.68 $4.68 $4.68 $25.57
 3/4" 250 425 225 200
1"  300 575 325 250
1-1/2" 450 1,000 700 300
2" and greater Calculated
3/4" $1,170 $936 $1,053 $5,114
1" $1,404 $1,170 $1,521 $6,392.50
1 1/2" $2,106 $1,404 $3,276 $7,671
2" and greater Calculated 


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