Water and Wastewater Resources for Builders, Developers, Engineers and Property Owners

We want to be easy to do business with. If you are a developer, builder, engineer or property owner, this page contains some of the forms and calculators you’ll need for your project.  

If you can't find what you need here, please visit Stages of a Project. There you’ll find email addresses to the specific departments that can answer your questions. You can also contact us.

Capacity Fee Calculators

Prior to initial connection to JEA's water and wastewater systems, customers are required to pay a water and/or wastewater plant and line extension growth capacity charge. Charges are determined by either the meter size or projected flow (consumption) as submitted by an engineer. 

Water and Sewer Service Applications

Use Our Water and Sewer Applications  

Tracking your project through the development process is easy.  Using your JEA Availability Number, you can search the JEA SPM Database to see the current status of your project.  Simply type in your 8-digit Availability Number (including the dash) found at the top of your Availability Letter.
Track the Status of a Project   

Request a service availability letter to determine whether or not JEA is the correct utility provider for the home or business.  
Request a Letter of Service Availability   

Request A Drawing

As-Built drawings represent the final detailed 'blueprints' as to how infrastructure was installed during construction.

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