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As one of the largest economic engines in Northeast Florida, JEA is aware of how national and global issues can deeply impact our community and those who call it home. Equipment shortages and lengthy wait times for utility supplies driven by supply chain challenges have impacted the ability of utilities like JEA to serve the needs of new residential and commercial developments that drive economic growth.

JEA is taking a proactive approach to meet these ongoing challenges. Our leaders are meeting regularly with the development community to understand and anticipate their short- and long-term needs. We are also talking to manufacturers and suppliers and working internally to find creative solutions to boost inventory levels and address disruptions.

Because this issue is impacting power utilities throughout the country, JEA also is engaged at a national level. We are taking additional steps with our allied utility companies to advocate at the federal level on behalf of our community developer partners to ensure that any necessary or available government intervention remains a high priority for the Administration and Congress.

JEA Supply Chain 2024 Forecast

What Steps is JEA Taking to Meet Local Development Needs?

Increasing inventory levels and ordering more material due to longer lead times
Sourcing transformer needs from overseas manufacturers
Refurbishing transformers in-house and working with manufacturers to secure parts needed to complete a transformer build
Redeploying under-utilized transformers (known as harvesting)
Temporarily installing overhead transformers in place of pad-mount in underground utility applications
Building a project/materials model to predict material needs and identify timing of shortfalls
Collaborating with other power utilities for potential sharing capabilities and on federal advocacy for additional government interventions
Exploring alternative steel materials and product designs with manufacturers to expedite orders and avoid impacts from delayed deliveries of silicone core steel from domestic and international sources

Questions & Answers

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Closed Title: How did this supply chain issue begin, and what will it take to end it?
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Closed Title: What is JEA doing on the state and national level to advocate for supply chain reforms?
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Closed Title:Are other utilities in Northeast Florida facing similar challenges to JEA?
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Yes, these supply chain challenges are impacting utilities throughout Florida and the United States.

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Closed Title:I've heard about challenges getting materials off container ships from overseas during the pandemic. Is this a manufacturing issue, a transportation/logistics issue, or both?
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Both. Due to the pandemic, many factories in Asia, for example, suspended operations, which disrupted the global supplies of goods from apparel to cars to electronics. It’s also taking longer to unload containers from ships, which further resulted in disruption along the supply chain as COVID-19 forced workers into isolation. Pre-pandemic, it was normal for ships to sail back to Asia from North America nearly full of empty containers for reuse. (South China Morning Post)

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Closed Title:What will it take to end the supply chain crisis regarding transformers and related materials?
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One answer may involve a greater investment in the use of remanufactured transformers. With new factory transformer lead time out 80+ weeks, in-stock remanufactured transformers can be made available in as little as one to three weeks. Against the inflated cost of new factory-built units, remanufactured transformers offer a cost reduction between 10 percent and 40 percent. Purchasing a unit with a proven track record in the field provides an additional level of assurance for future reliability. In that same vein, the remanufacturing process includes identifying any previous design flaws and correcting and improving any defects for a longer service life. (

JEA also supports the invocation of Title III of the Defense Production Act (DPA) to spur private-industry support for manufacturing of these supplies as essential domestic industrial resources.


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JEA is taking a proactive approach to meet ongoing supply chain challenges and taking steps to meet local development needs.

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