Commercial and Industrial Sewer Flow Metering System Establishment Checklist

  1. Customer should review and execute Wastewater Flow Meter Installation/Inspection Agreement and submit to JEA as soon as the project is established.
  2. The customer should communicate any design criteria issues and parameters with JEA as early and as much as possible.
  3. Prior to actual meter installation, the customer must submit the Installation/Inspection Agreement along with three (3) sets of design/survey/installation packages to the JEA Meter Services Operations and Maintenance for review and approval.
  4. JEA Meter Services Operations and Maintenance will notify the customer (in writing) of the final status of the plan review.
  5. The customer may not proceed with the installation of the equipment until a letter/email of approval has been issued.
  6. If the customer decides to make any changes to the original design, such proposed changes shall be reported to JEA Meter Services Operations and Maintenance prior to making such changes.
  7. During installation/construction, if the customer requires any inspection of the installation/calibration, please contact JEA Meter Services Operations and Maintenance to schedule the inspection.
  8. The customer must notify JEA Meter Services Operations and Maintenance within 48 hours of completion of the installation. Such notification shall be made during normal business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., excluding weekends and holidays. An inspection/calibration witness date will be scheduled with the customer within 2 business days.
  9. Upon completion of the inspection, a final letter/email of approval will be submitted to the customer. If the project requires an Industrial Pretreatment Permit, the customer must obtain final Permit Release before putting the wastewater meter in full service. Otherwise, the flow metering equipment will be put into full service when such letter/email is received by the customer.
  10. At least annually, the customer must submit a calibration report to Industrial Pretreatment within TEN (10) calendar days of the date of initial equipment calibration.
  11. Routine maintenance and calibration reports should be submitted to JEA Meter Services Operations & Maintenance regularly (at least annually). 
    Common questions and answers regarding the annual meter flow calibration and testing.
  12. If any processing and/or operational requirement should change or replacement of the metering system is required in the future, JEA Meter Services Operations and Maintenance shall be contacted to evaluate the adequacy of the flow metering system and any changes that may apply.

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