Electrification Rebates Program

The JEA Electrification Rebate Program (ERP) promotes the purchase or lease* of or conversion to electric equipment as an alternative to diesel- or propane-powered equipment. Through this program, JEA helps our customers save money and improve air quality throughout our service area. 

To help offset initial investment costs, JEA offers rebates to customers who purchase select electric equipment. In addition to our standard rebates, custom rebates are available for certain retrofits, infrastructure upgrades, and alternative technologies.


Limited Time Offer

Now through August 31, 2024, you can earn up to double rebate amounts on qualifying electric-powered equipment.

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Electric-powered equipment offers a number of advantages over its propane- and diesel-powered counterparts. Benefits include: 

  • Lower Fuel Consumption: You can reduce your fuel costs by up to 50 to 70 percent and decrease exposure to volatile gasoline prices.  
  • Reduced Lifecycle Costs: With about 90 percent fewer moving parts than internal combustion-powered engines, electric equipment will cost you less to maintain over its lifetime.  
  • Safer and More Efficient Work Atmosphere: Less noise congestion due to the quiet operation of electric-powered equipment makes it easier for workers to pay better attention to what is happening around them.  
  • Cleaner and Healthier Work Environment: Produces zero site emissions: does not release NOx, particulates, hydrocarbons, or carbon monoxide into the air in employee work areas. 
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Green House Gas Reduction Equivalents

In addition to the workplace environmental benefits, switching to electric equipment can help reduce Green House Gases (GHG).  For example, each piece of equipment results in the Estimated Lifetime Net GHG Reductions (MT) (per 1 unit) equivalent to the following. 

 Galvanized Pipe Timeline  Galvanized Pipe Timeline
 Galvanized Pipe Timeline  Galvanized Pipe Timeline

Electrification sustainability is a two-step process that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Step One: Connect equipment to the electric grid. This is fundamental.

Step Two: Power generation with low or no carbon fuel sources. This reduces site emissions to zero and reduces overall emissions further.

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*Rebates for the leasing of equipment is prorated against the specified life-cycle of the specific measure.

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