Fleet Electrification Program


JEA's Fleet Electrification Program provides JEA commercial customers the necessary tools and engineering advice to develop a comprehensive fleet conversion plan. 

JEA Fleet Electrification Program

How Does the Program Work?

JEA's Fleet Electrification Program is looking for commercial customers with an interest in transitioning their fleet vehicles from diesel or gasoline to battery electric (BEV) or plug-in hybrids (PHEV). The program offers several types of funding, the latest industry information, and customized support to simplify and illuminate the process. 

Customers can select either Service Level 1 or Service Level 2 planning service support. 

For a one-on-one consultation and custom Fleet Conversion Plan, please complete this form and one of our representatives will reach out to you directly.


Recommended for smaller fleets (4 vehicles or fewer) and for customers requiring minimal assistance.


The JEA TCO calculator tool offers a simple way to learn about available EV models and obtain your own fleet conversion estimates. Before using the calculator tool, watch our tutorial videos to get started.




Available for JEA electric service customers with a fleet size of 5+ vehicles.

JEA commercial customers participating in Service Level 2 will work with JEA to evaluate the costs, benefits and timeline associated with converting fleet assets to electric fuel. Customers receive a comprehensive Fleet Conversion Plan at the end of this process.

After participating in Service Level 1 or Service Level 2, all JEA customers who need assistance with implementation of their fleet conversion plans can contact JEAfleetEV@jea.com.

Incentives Available

JEA offers tools, consultation and incentives to provide fleet owners with the infrastructure and services necessary to convert to an electric fleet.

Contact Us to Get Started

*To participate in Service Level 2, the fleet owner must agree to be vetted to determine ability and intent to act on conversion plan recommendations, and complete this Customer Participation Agreement. The fleet owner must also agree to cost-share structure, share charging data, and participate in future demand response-related programs available through JEA.

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